Communicate, Integrate and Celebrate


How well a couple weathers a crisis is usually a good indicator of whether they will survive and thrive, survive and live in blahs for quite some time, or not survive, winding up as another statistic in the divorce court. Thriving as a couple following the death of a parent or child, job loss, illness or major life change can be challenging, but it is definitely more likely when several factors are considered.

Take a Family "Mental Health Day"


I still remember my surprise and delight. "We're going where?"

My mother laughed, "We're going to Burns for Dinner. The Pineroom."

Now, this statement would not have been so surprising had Burns, Oregon not been about 125 miles away. The food was delicious and the drive was lovely. But the most precious memory was the way my parents surprised me with unexpected time spent together.

25 TV-Free Summer Family Activities


When boredom hits (usually about two days into summer vacation), fun and interesting activities can be hard to find. So be prepared: Print off a copy of the list below and tape it to your fridge. Even if you decide not to do any of these activities, reading through them will likely get your own creative juices flowing to wash away that boredom in no time!

A Breast Too Far?


A few months ago, while at a La Leche League meeting, we were discussing the advantages of breastmilk. We went around the room and each of us shared one way that we found breastfeeding helped our babies or us. When it was my turn, I said that I felt that it was easier to comfort a breastfed baby than a formula fed baby. Another mother challenged this statement.

"What do you mean by easier?" she demanded.

"Well, I mean that I don't have to warm up a bottle or spend time mixing the formula, I just pull up my shirt and latch him on."


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