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Diary of a New Homemaker

Sep 22

Me on Family Finance at Mint.com!

I was interviewed on Mint.com!

Aug 16

How to Keep Up with a Tomato Vine

We had a garden this year, for the first time in many.

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10 Truly Multi-Purpose Kitchen Tools For A Clutter-Free Kitchen

If you're looking around and wondering how you wound up with 15 spatulas, 12 wooden spoons, eight or so ladles and six kitchen electronics (half of which you have no idea what they do), then it's time to break open some drawers, clear off some shelves and take your kitchen down to its useful and clutter-free basics.

In our kitchen, which is comfortable for one person but a tight squeeze for two, we've narrowed it down to tools -- outside of essentials like pots, pans and mixing bowls, of course -- that are not only used on a regular basis, but serve at least two purposes, if not more.

Autumn, Back to School and Halloween

Neighborhood Campfires

You don't have to go camping or sleep on the bumpy ground to enjoy the friendly warmth of a glowing campfire. Invite your neighbors for an impromptu backyard fire, complete with roasted marshmallows and ghost stories. It's a relaxing way to end the day and celebrate the last nights of summer or first weekends of autumn.

Adults can chat, kids can play games in the dark, and everyone can roast marshmallows or cuddle in a soft lap until they're drowsy. Here's how to make campfires work in your neighborhood.

From Our Archives

30 Quick Tips For a Spotless Kitchen

Time it took you to connect to the Internet: 2.8 minutes.

Time it will take you to read this article: 16.5 minutes.

Time it takes you to deep clean your kitchen: 48.6 minutes.

Whoa! What else could you be doing with the time it takes you to thoroughly scrub and sanitize your kitchen?

As homemakers, we spend enormous amounts of time in the kitchen. Both pleasurable tasks such as baking and unpleasant duties such as cleaning, consume time and energy, valuable resources for any woman. Expedient solutions and clean-up tips can help minimize the time used for chores and maximize the time spent in more enjoyable pursuits.

Tactics for spaces from studio apartments on up
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