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If you're looking around and wondering how you wound up with 15 spatulas, 12 wooden spoons, eight or so ladles and six kitchen electronics (half of which you have no idea what they do), then it's time to break open some drawers, clear off some shelves and take your kitchen down to its useful and clutter-free basics.

In our kitchen, which is comfortable for one person but a tight squeeze for two, we've narrowed it down to tools -- outside of essentials like pots, pans and mixing bowls, of course -- that are not only used on a regular basis, but serve at least two purposes, if not more.

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Our current favorite video is "Ten Bullets." It's a training film for Tom Sachs' industrial arts/video/coolness studio in NYC, and it's rather inspired us. JJ has taken to "knolling" his desk during conference calls, and I've knolled my own desk and my bedside table. And the kitchen. And maybe a couple of other spaces. We'll see how long it lasts. It is January, after all.

A Taste of the Season

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Watching sports on TV needn't be a parents-only activity. Share your love of the game with your kids, and rooting for your favorite teams can be fun for the whole family.

Get your kids into the spirit by donning team colors, and joining you in the kitchen to cook up these delicious pretzel chicken nuggets to set down in front of the couch. They're as fun to make as they are to eat, and there's a lot of kid-friendly preparation involved! So make sure everyone washes their hands, and let's get started...

A Taste of Today's Chore

Baking and Making an Edible Teacup

You say "teacup cake," I say "tea cupcake." By either name, it's a creative and charming presentation of that old favorite, the cupcake. Surprise your friends with a tastier rendition of the tea party--scrumptious cupcakes decorated as teacups and teapots filled with chilled milk.