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I'll admit it up front: I have very pale skin, and gave up on tanning at an early age. When I was growing up, my friends slathered oil on their bodies and soaked up rays until their skin was a nice, healthy brown. The serious tanners even used aluminum foil reflectors to magnify the sun's rays. I got freckles, spots and sunburns, and tried to avoid getting too much sun. Now that we know more about the effects of sunlight on our skin, I'm reassured that staying out of the sun was the best thing I could have done for my skin.

The ivy pot has "Tell me why the ivy twines" written in Sharpie pen, with freehand leaves; the sage pot was rubber-stamped and then touched up; and the little pot was the result of Josie slopping on paint and Mommy brushing it out for her--turned out rather Monet-like!
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