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Hi Elli

No, this is not a Christian site, it's a secular site; I myself am Pagan, so merry meet. Some folks assume that if you're a homemaking advocate you have to be Christian. I do this site if only to antagonize those people. Eye-wink

This isn't a good place to post but that's my fault not yours; I forgot to turn posting off. The site policy is we stay non-religious so that everyone can feel at home, but if you want to write a blog post on what your family does at Mabon (or Lammas this next week if you feel like it) I'm sure folks would be interested. I know I would.

The main points about religious posting here are two-fold, and when I say "you" here I mean "you" in a general sense because English doesn't have a good "one" pronoun like more sensible languages. Summed up: Keep it personal. More detailed:

1) Don't prescribe religious solutions for non-religious problems; for instance, don't suggest prayer for depression. In this same vein, I strongly urge folks of all faiths here not to proselytize.

2) Don't assume everyone else is of the same religious persuasion as you. At TNH I know we have many variations of Christian all across the spectrum including Quaker and Mormon (two varieties more fundametalist Christians often don't consider Christians), Jews, Unitarians, Buddhists, atheists and a few Pagans like you and me. We used to have some Muslims but I haven't heard from them in a while. This is a diverse community. For all I know we have a Scientologist.

Follow those rules and you're good to go.

Lynn Siprelle, Editor

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