Save the cherry pits!

No, this isn't a left-wingnut bumpersticker, it's a recommendation to save those pits you toss each summer to make your own heating/cooling pillow!

I was browsing the website that is havinga 40% off sale (go figure) when I came across their cherry pit pillows!

According to the folks there:

For centuries cherry pit cushions have been used in Switzerland as both a massage and heating cushion. Cherry pits are the ideal natural substance for retaining heat or cold without synthetics. A well-dried cherry pit can easily absorb heat or cold and release it very slowly.

Cherry pits inside cotton velour make a great natural heating pad or cooling pad. Used as a heating cushion, it maintains a temperature that is superior to that of a water filled hot water bottle. Heat in the microwave or freeze in freezer. Great for menstrual cramping, pregnancy pains, after birth pains, lower back discomfort; freeze to use cold on minor injuries.

You can also make small boo-boo bags with them that double as bean bags, or stuff comfort toys with them, like the those teddy bears that you warm or cool for kids when they’re sick or need some TLC...

I'm saving my cherry pits from now on and will get some cotton velour and make me up a bunch of these. Shouldn't take that long to save up a bunch from our two cherry trees, provided we have a good crop next year.

And, Lynn, if life is a bowl of cherries, then comfort is a pillow of cherry pits! Couldn't help myself.

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to eat more cherries to me! :D


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Next time you're here, ask LouLou to introduce you to Cherrystone Bear. He has a removable tummy stuffed with cherrystones that you can heat up or cool down and put back in him to be a boo-boo bear or just a nice warm snuggle. On really cold nights I heat it up for her, because the heat never quite gets all the way upstairs.

Lynn Siprelle, Editor

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For those of you who can't wait for next summer to make up some cherry pit pads of your own (like me), I found The Cherry Pits Store where you can buy the pits in bulk.

May The Hair On Your Toes Never Fall Out

--Traditional Hobbit Blessing

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for a Cherrystone Bear growing up in Missouri with no heat upstairs. I might have even traded one of my Garfield comic books for one! And that's saying something...

Did you make the bear? I love the idea. Why have I just now come across this information about cherry pits? Where have I been? Probably all those times I had my nose stuck in a romance novel, the world passes you by...

May The Hair On Your Toes Never Fall Out

--Traditional Hobbit Blessing

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How to you clean the cherry pits to make them sanitary? Thanks!

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please let me know how to clean and dry the cherry pits. I have made warming bean bags for a very long time..My grandchildren do not like the smell of the beans after they are warm..I thought of the cherry as the smell would be more pleasant..I had no idea any one else had the same thought. Please. Thank you very much. Marianjashing

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Hi, Lyn...I'm new to this site. Who's LouLou and how do I ask her about Cherrystone Bears? Where I do I find Cherrystone Bears?

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LouLou is my youngest daughter; she was about three when this post was originally made in 2004. This is a cherry stone bear. Lou had one at the time. The original poster is my real life best friend who came over a lot, and so I told her to ask Lou about her bear. :)

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Boil them for at least ten minutes to kill the seed and loosen any fruit still attached.

Let them cool.

Pour into a colander or sieve and rinse, rubbing with your hand as you rinse, to get off the left over fruit bits. You may need to rinse off two or three times.

If you have really stubborn bits, you may need to boil again and repeat rubbing rinse.

Then bake in a low temp oven (warming temp, 170 degrees F or so) to dry completely.


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how long do you need to cook them to dry them? Do you have to do anything else to them? I have heard they mold if not done right. How long do you heat them in the microwave? Having a hard time finding info on this.

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24 hours, or 48 hours in a dehydrator on maximum if you don't want to tie up your oven. I'd also be sure to stir them now and then if you use the oven. As for microwaving, 30 seconds is usually enough.

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Hi Anhata, Annette,

This might be of interest to you. We just launched our comfypac online site.
comfypacs are natural hot and cold packs filled with cherry pits.

Please feel free to check out the different products and styles that we offer.
Since this is new to the US and you are obviously already very familiar with the product, I would appreciate your feedback.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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it's funny that your article mentions Switzerland. I'm swiss and grew up with cherry pit bags and was just looking around the web to try and find cherry pits to make some bags. We have a couple of stuffed animals that have an opening in the belly with velcro and matching cherry pit bags that go inside.
Nobody here seemed to know about them when I first moved here, everyone I mentioned this to looked at me a little surprised, but I didn't realise it was a swiss thing :-)

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