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My son got paint (latex, I believe) on his brand new swim trunks. Any suggestions on getting it out without harming the fabric? They are 100% polyester.



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My daughter-in-law accidently washed and then dried a brand new pair of expensive jeans in the dryer.The gum which was a whole pack ended up on the front leg and has left an unsightly mess.How would I go about trying to remove it-most of the gum has been taken off but there is still a stain?Thankyou for any advice.TTFN RAGDOLL.

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I keep reading this at "paint-on clothes", as in, you paint the clothes on. :evil:

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From reader Snowbird:

I've gotten paint out of my husbands clothing before by spraying it with WD-40 and rubbing it in really good and washing as usual. The paint was pretty fresh when I did it though, I don't know how good it will work if the paint has been on there for awhile though. I guess its worth a try, I also use it regularly to take the paint off of my hands when I'm done painting my crafts, works great for that. Hope this helps!

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what works realy fine on delicate or any clothing is fabric softener... wet the part of the clothing with it and after lets say 10-15 minutes the paint will melt to a butter like consistance and will come off like magic in your next regular laundry. If the latex or acrylic paint has dried for many days it could take a second treatment like this. But I assure you acrylic or latex will melt and wash off.
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If you manage to get your hands on the painted shirt before the paint dries, paint thinner works great (my husband's a painter). The paint thinner won't damage the clothes (At least not cotton clothes. We've never tried it on rayon or silk). After the paint dries, it binds to the fabric - the way paint does to walls - and won't come out.

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Have to let you know that your suggestion worked for me. I washed and dried a load of my son's work uniforms. There were latex paint splatters and on every thing. I rubbed fabric softener on all of the spots, wrapped the clothes in a damp towel, and let them set over night. The next day I scrubbed every spot with a stiff brush, put the clothes in a prewash cycle, checked the spots again, and finished washing the load. The paint is gone. Thanks you for your solution to a terrible mistake.

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Hey would I remove dried fabric paint (yellow :( ) from a shirt??

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