Ants: Non-toxic solutions

Our dogs have their own room with a linoleum floor. I've noticed the tiniest ants in their food dishes. Obviously I need an idea that's safe around dogs. Any thoughts?



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Where I can find the enzimatic cleaner

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We have an outside cat and every year the ants try to get in her food. I finally found that vaseline smeared near the base of the dish kept them out. They won't cross vaseline. With no food available, they don't hang around.

We also get yearly invasions of ants into our kitchen. Since they come in a different way every year (darn them), I have to kill all the ones in the house and then stop them from coming in. The ones in the kitchen I kill with 409 and/or a paste of 20 Muleteam Borax. Neither is particularly toxic. Outside, I use an ant killer on their entrance point. That usually takes care of it until they find a new way in.

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Please send ideas to eradicate thripes from houseplants with a non toxic method.
Thank you!

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I've always used Terro (liquid..not the baits). According to their website, Terro is not at the toxic level to humans and pets...and I SWEAR by this stuff. Ants totally dig it and you won't be sorry you used it.

I would place it along the wall on the floor/corners where you think their path is (along the wall where the dishes are). They are obviously looking for food so they are into "sweet" things...Terro is the key. It is sweet to ants.

You will see them, after a while, get on that stuff..they suck it up and take it back to their nest where it infects the rest of those critters. I would give it a few days to get those suckers on it...and then they should be GONE within 10 days.

Terro is at Walmart where you would find the rest of the pest control things (mouse traps, hornet spray, etc). But again, I like the liquid form (you put a few drops on a piece of cardboard/index card) over the bait traps. :)

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I have a stroller that has been in the garage for two years. My daughter is now pregnant. We are trying to get the odor of urine out of the material padding. I have been trying to get urine out of a towel also, but I wash it, bathe, and when I dry I immediately smell the urine! Any suggestions?

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Cayenne pepper also gets rid of ants. Put it at their entry point and they won't want to come in any more.

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From reader kjoni:

Try putting the dog food in a bowl, then put the bowl in a shallow, non-rusting pizza pan. The ants do not want to cross the water to get to the dog food! It works surprisingly well!

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Essential oil of peppermint. Just a few drops on a cotton ball or paper towel in the area will do the trick. But please note, pets especially dog will be ultra sensitive to the smell.

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My aunt passed this solution onto me when I had those tiny ants invading my new home. Sprinkle a 50/50 mix of white sugar and Borax where you see the ants. It may a take a couple of days, but the ants will disappear.
I now make a mixture of 1 cup sugar + 1 cup borax and have it sitting ready in a glass jar. Works wonders in the garden as well!

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At Home Depot there is a spray in the carpet cleaning section which got the smell of cat urine out of our carpet. I think it is called ZAP. A salesperson should be able to help you find it because there are several different things with that brand name.

You can also try white vinegar.

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I order my cleaning supplies from a non toxic wellness company. Their laundry spot cleaner can double as an ant killer and it is safe around pets!

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Yes I have a suggestion! Even though your post was two years ago it might help someone else.

Hit the pet store and get a enzimatic cleaner. The enzymes are the key to urine odor removal.


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While I realize this question is 5 years old (and I hope she's found her answer by now!!), I wanted to say that I had a male cat who urinated on a framed hiking baby backpack that was sitting out. I was unable to take the fabric off the frame in order to wash it.

I bought a can of Bissell Oxy Pet Pro (for this, I used a "dual action" can with twin canisters...not sure if those are still on the shelves) and I SWEAR by that stuff for anything that has DRIED urine. I just put the backpack outside, doused it daily with the Bissell can and left it to dry. After about 4 days it had NO SMELL whatsoever, even after being in a trailer storage (out in the summer heat) for a year.

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Cinnamon. Ants hate cinnamon. Powdered cinnamon around the dogfood bowls will keep them out. To get rid of them from other areas, put it down around their entry points - cracks in the baseboard/skirting board, seals behind the sink etc. After 4 - 5 days they will tell the rest of the nest and won't come back. If you spot any 'scouts' after this, a sprinkle of cinnamon will let them know that the nasty stuff is still about...of course cinnamon is completely harmless to everything but ants and germs. I live in Spain so I have thoroughly road tested this one! I didn't believe it either but try sprinkling cinnamon around an open sugar bowl - they WILL NOT CROSS! Hope this helps.

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