Happy 13th Birthday, TNH!

The New Homemaker is 13 years old today! I wonder if it'll start getting petulant and slamming doors on me now--which is a weird thing to say, considering that my (human) teenager doesn't do that. I don't even get that many rolled eyes, though I do get the occasional incredulous stare.

When I started this website, that 14-year-old was 18 months old. I was in the first flush of staying home with a child, and I didn't know what I was doing. The only thing that's the same now is that I still don't know what I'm doing half the time! :D

So much has happened since then. Fibromyalgia. 9/11. The Bush Administration. Going from a middle class income to a brief upper class income to poverty in the blink of an eye, and our slow crawl back up into the middle class (still ongoing), fighting an avalanche of medical bills the whole way. Five heart attacks. A cardiac arrest. The sad realization that I would never have the kind of "urban homestead" life I'd always wanted to have, and letting that dream go.

And then, so much joy. A second child. Homeschooling. My return to life and health after dying and being revived. The great love of my husband that has borne me through all this and that has supported me through all my endeavors including this one. And the burgeoning of the fiction writing that often keeps me from writing more here these days.

What a crazy 13 years! Those of you who read these diary entries, thanks for being my readers. Most of you have been readers since very near the beginning of the site. Here's hoping we're together for many more years.


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Yay!!! 13 years is quite the accomplishment! What a rewarding look back...and how wonderful that you still have a beautiful life to live!

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