Pajama Party/Sleepover party ideas for a Seven Year Old

DD is turning seven in several weeks and we're having a Pajama Party/Slumber Party for her, and I'm wondering about party ideas.

I did a little research and found several good ideas:

--kids come in their jammies, of course
--serve pancakes & waffles
--have a decorate-your-pillowcase craft (I have fabric crayons for this, they're brilliant!)
--a pass-the-glow-bracelet game for a "just before lights out" activity

otherwise, I'm drawing a blank. I don't want a lot of busy-work for them, I just want some themed ideas for decor, an alternate craft, or other stuff just to make the party a little special for her.

We're having a Pajama Party in the late afternoon that the sleepover guests and her younger friends and the friends-that-are-boys are all invited to. Then the littles and the boys go home and the Slumber Party commences.

Any other ideas?

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We've been known to have at least one a month....but not "themed" or with crafts any more!

I've done the painted pillowcases: Don't forget to put names on them the morning they'll all look the same!

Sounds like fun to me!


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A friend of mine did a similar party - she called it a "Not Quite Slumber" Party! The invites were in the shape of a bed with pillow. They did "spa" stuff like pedicures and manicures. Had hot cocoa and popcorn while they watched a movie. They camped in front of the TV with pillows and blankets. Everyone came in pjs. The treat bag to send home was a small travel bag with toothbrush/paste, and other goodies like a comb, mouthwash, lotion, nail polish, etc. The girls' names were written on these with a Sharpie. Everyone brushed their teeth before the parents picked them up. It was really cute!

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I did a birthday party last year for my 8 yr old daughter. we had 17 girls stay overnight. We started at 11 am and went till 11 the next day what a night........

I had them all come in their best tea dresses/outfits. I took a huge drop cloth and laid it on the front lawn and we had a little tea party- I got animal crackers, fruits and I used punch instead of tea, pb & J sandwiches cut out in little circles. I had them sit quietly and eat while I read stories to them. They loved it. We took their pics.

Then we had them do a treasure hunt outside - speacialize in treasure hunts and scavanger hunts. (after they changed of course)for dinner we did hamburgers and hotdogs and they got in their pjs and we made sundaes.

We did some sing a long karoke and then they watched movies and talked about boys in my daughters room. Then we had all the sleeping bags laid out on the lr floor and we turned the lights out and played find the person. Hope this helps.

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Found this website had some cute kids activities, and a themed tea party as well.

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I had a slumber party for my daughter around that age, she is college age now...and I served pancakes and syrup and the kids loved it...the decorate pillowcases is a great idea...another idea I have heard of is a sort of resurrection of the joy of paper dolls...with some safety love to snip and glue...some girls I bet have never heard of paper dolls...
I found this link that has links to other sites that have paper dolls you can copy out on card stock plus clothes...

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I LOVE the tea party on the front lawn! Must do that in the next few years, how elegant!

What ended up ACTUALLY occuring (as opposed to what i planned):

Pajama Party with about 12 from 4:00 to 7:00:

--Pillow case decorating (got fabric markers at the store, much easier than the fabric crayons, no ironing needed). The kids LOVED this, universally.
--Magic Nuudles craft station
--Groovy Girls and My Little Pony playing (I only allowed everyone to play with the two set of toys--unregulated access to the whole playroom takes three days to clean up.)

At the snack table:

--two different fruit plates and one veggie plate
--a bowl of olives
--a bowl of pomegrante seeds
--orange juice

Around five thirty we opened presents. At around six we started the Pancake Dinner. DH made the pancakes, which the kids loved. He makes great pancakes and he was my savior in the kitchen that night. The kids got to eat as many pancakes as they wanted. Then we cleared the table and served the cake. I made a singing cake, but since I used a sugar substitue (Xylitol) it didn't actually sing. It also didn't taste much like a birthday cake, I don't recommend it for little kids. Then the younger girls and the boys went home and the Sleepover started (around eight girls).

At around seven thiry we descended downstairs to watch a movie. I'd gotten Annora The Last Unicorn for her birthday and we watched that. The flaming bull scenes were a little intense, but there's no real violence, so everyone seemed OK with it. (Ages ranged from five to ten.) By the end of the movie everyone was tired, so we brushed teeth, pottied and went to bed. The girls had laid out their sleeping bags before the movie, everyone was already in their jammies, and we settled down fairly quickly. I sang some lullabies, a few girls told bedtime stories, we sang some more, and after about half an hour all but four of the girls were asleep. I played soft music and by 11:00 the last night owl was down.

The girls got up at 7:30 am and amused themselves nicely with the toys DD'ed gotten the day before. Breakfast was hot and cold cereal. Those who wanted to were able to finish their work on their pillow cases. Getting everyone's gear ready for departure at 10 am was surprisingly easy, and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. Several mothers have told me that their girls are still talking about the party and what a good time they had.

Everyone went home with a gift bag and their pillowcase. It took me about two days to recover. But we all had a blast.


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On Wednesday I am having a spring break slumber party for
30 girls. My advice is to make sure you over plan. This is our third year planning this. We all meet at our local church in our Pj's. We play games, eat pizza, watch movies, sing karaoke,several crafts, there is rooms upstairs for those kids who need to sleep otherwise there is no bed time. My Daughters never go to sleep at this event. Basicly the girls run the evening. I always have 10 movies, lots of music all kinds, pizza for dinner and doughnuts for breakfast. We also have parents cell numbers available for those who can't behave. With a little planning we always have a great time. Just relax and have fun being a kid too.
If you are having fun your kids will, too.
Good luck!

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It sounds like you have lots of great ideas to make your daughter's birthday extra special! I love the decorating the pillowcase idea. They will really enjoy that! And little girls always love getting dressed up and having their nails and toenails painted. You can't go wrong that with that. I also saw a cute idea on They have a section of kid's crafts and they show how to make princess hats. They are very simple and would be fun for the girls. Plus then they get to be princesses! You can take a look -

I hope she has a wonderful birthday!


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last year for my daughters 6 b day. I hired some high school cheerleaders for about $25. they came over and taught the girls a cheer. then did a dance for them. they stayed with the girls and ate cake. we bought cheap pom poms from the doolar store in the school colors. for them to take home. we also had the girls make their own ice cream sundaes. and mega phones.. then we let them play outside after present time. (For their own play time.) It was a hit and the girls still know the cheer the older girls taught them. Make sure that the girls you hire are to know that the cheer is to be rated g... the high school girls loved it as much as my six year old.. By far the best party yet.. this year thinking carnival has some boys at th party, they thew the football around while the girls did the cheer...:)

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This may or may not work for you, but...

Right now the Disney Channel movie High School Musical is HUGE. After the first one came out, my oldest, then 8, went to her first slumber party. They did some craft (made keepsake boxes), but the rest of the night was devoted to watching High School Musical. But they didn't only watch it, it was the sing-a-long version and boy, those girls sang along! All the words were on the screen, and they sang and danced right along with them. They had the most fun!

How about make their own Sundaes or banana splits? Sounds yummy to me!

I have yet to attempt a slumber party. We've had a friend stay over, but never many. I'm procrastinating. LOL! I'm just not a fun mommy!

When my daughters get home from school, I'll ask them for ideas. I know they get them all the time in their American Girl magazine.

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When my oldest turned six we had a slumber party with a tea party style dinner (with hot chocolate instead of tea). We also painted fingernails as one of the activities. They watched movies when it got late and I was tired and they weren't ready for going to sleep yet. I also had a deal with my husband that he would stay up till they went to sleep and I would get up when they woke up because slumber parties don't usually result in very much slumber. :) That way I got to go to bed at a reasonable hour and he got to sleep in. We had pancakes for breakfast before the girls went home.


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No, just kidding. I just can't imagine doing such a thing myself!


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OMG thats the party my youngest wants tomorrow night!!

so far, we are
decorating pillowcases,
watching HSM 1&2 (thier idea)
truth or dare (which Im leary of)
and that is where I am stuck. they will be arriving on the school bus home w/my daughter, and wont be going home until 4 the next thats alot of time to fill.

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...that the last night owl was Lou, who was the life of the after-party, apparently. :P

Lynn Siprelle, Editor

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"We're all in this together"...

I bet that will be fun! I loved HSM myself. I would definately have a pancake party for breakfast (include toppings like whippedcream, chocolate chips, strawberries, etc) and they can make their own. A tea/sandwich party for lunch. We get cheesesticks and wrap them in sliced cheese, then cut it all up and stick a toothpick in it for appetizers. LOL! And Crystal Light Rasberry ice for tea.

Skip the truth or dare. How about "I have a secret". All girls sit in a circle and someone (maybe mom, or a bunch of preapproved phrases on note cards?) says something to one girl, who whispers it to another, then another. When it gets to the last girl, see how messed up the original sentence was. LOL! We did that in girl scouts. It's never about someone they know or anything really bad, just a fun game.

Oh, I saw on TV a HSM Twister game! That would be fun! we have a HSM DVD game, and I saw a HSM dance thing at Walmart, too.

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;) :) thank you so much im ten yrs. old and at my dads neighboor hood the kids are all like 5. So this little girl Josie asked me to help her with her FIRST sleep over!and i needed some tips.SO THANK you seem very sweet!

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what should i do at my sleepover party turning ten

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Since we were in the middle of making upgrades in our home, it really wasn't conducive for a slumber party. However, I made the mistake of promising a slumber party. Thankfully, I was
able to keep my word.

We took the girls out to eat & had the cake after dinner. Once dinner was over, we moved the
party to the Embassy Suites!! The girls knew to pack their swimsuits & towels so we took full
advantage of the indoor pool. This was a HUGE deal, especially since it was February. After swimming, we returned to our suite & began the "spa treatments". We had manicures, pedicures & even kiddie facials!
The girls had a FABULOUS time! I highly recommend moving the sleepover to a nice hotel & if
you're close to an Embassy Suites...go there! They have a full cooked-to-order breakfast buffet
that is free for all guests!!

What a fabulous slumber party!!

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that was a smart idea

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My sister is ahving a pretend slumber party where they actually don't sleep over they go home at about 7:30. they will just watch movies, paint nails, having dancing comps, and things like that.
They'll eat pankakes and waffles and the cake will be an icecream cake.

PS. she's turning 7 and it will be held in september in aus so it will be a pretty good temp.

Hope your daughters party goes well and hope my ideas helped? :?

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:) I usually have a holiday party for my daughter But I really can't afford to have 15 girls 2 the house this year witha new baby as well. So I thought of breaking up the holiday party into a few slumber parties about 4 to 5 girls @ a time.I figured I would start with silly string in the yard eat, pizza, decorate the pillow case( I LOVE this idea)Try to make their own diaries watch a movie, play freeze dance, and maybe another game. since it is holiday time I thought of a grab bag. I think I am more excited then my 8 year old. Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Krafty K

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:) I'm having my daughter's 7 year old party tomorrow night. Girls coming over at 5:00pm (take group picture as soon as everyone arrives - explain in a moment), pancakes, bacon and OJ for dinner... to stay with theme we are having frosted donuts with sprinkles instead of cake. We bought Iron-on printable sheets and size small men's undershirts, My husband will be ironing on the group picture to the shirts which will then be used as PJs and their parting gift. I've done it before, huge hit, I have also ironed it on a Pillow Case and they love it too - I have 3 girls. I will play several of the games mentioned, but we will also have a suitcase filled with items to take on a sleepover, blindfold the girls with a night mask and have them guess the item by feeling it. alot of dancing, silliness and laughter is what I hope happens.

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I am having my daughter's first slumber party tomorrow night, it is for her 7th birthday which fell on Easter this year. I am having the girls ride the bus home with her. Then we are walking home, since its like 2 blocks away and then doing an afternoon snack, let the girls play outside, hoping its nice out!! Then we are going to be ordering pizza, having cake and ice cream, opening presents and if they want I will have a few games out like Twister, or they can watch a movie or just have silly goofy girl time. I figured lights out could be around 10 pm and in the morning, we eat cereal and fruit and the girls get picked up by 10am. Pretty simple, but there will be 8 girls who are all close so they should all have a lot of fun! :)

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My sister is turning 6. She wanted to have a sleepover for her party. So I was thinking setting up different booths around the house and labeling them "Hair Booth" "Makeup Booth" "Nail Booth" and "Craft Booth". Then when the girls would all come over we would start will Odering a pizza eating cake and ice cream. Then opening pressents. After all the traditional party stuff is done we would split the girls up adn take them around the house to all the different booths. Then when everybody had a chance to do everything the girls would show everybody what they did then move on to a dance comp. Hope this helped you guys. :)

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i am having a small sleepover for my daughter who is turning 8 this weekend...we will be doing nails and watching movies and maybe playing some freeze dance. i loved the idea of goody bags with toothpaste, nail polish, toothbrush, etc... but another game we will be playing is guess that food. like at baby showers when u have to guess the flavor of babyfood...i checked and none of the girls have food allergies so i am going to blindfold them and give them peices of banana, cherries, chocolate, apples, pretzels, etc and see if they can guess what kind of food it is! then they can eat the leftovers

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My daughter is turning 6 and wanted a sleepover with a few friends HOWEVER only one girl could stay the night so I've decided to have a Pajama Jammie Jam with a few more girls. Thanks to all of he above comments and my own creativity, I've decided to have "Not Quite Slumber" Party from 7-10pm with simple foods, nails station, red carpet fashion show with sunglasses and boas, sundaes (instead of cake), dance show & games if time permits, brush teeth and send away to fall asleep on the ride home. Sounds simple enough... NOW it's time to order goodie bags (purses) to send them home with jewelry, boa, sunglasses that will be used for the fashion show. Take plenty of pictures to send give as a thank you for attending with a reminder of how much fun they had at her party.

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I think the pillowcase idea is great! I'm just having my 7 yr old niece stay the night by herself cuz she needs some attention in a house with 4 kids. But girls at this age usually love baking and probably don't get to do it much, so decorating cupcakes/cookies is also a great idea, for those who don't fear the mess so much. Also, lining their cups with sprinkles or sparkling sugar beforehand just adds some extra sparkle to the table. And manhunt and water balloons are great during the summer. If I had a tent, i'd "camp" with her and maybe roast some marshmallows, but c'est la

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Each year instead of buying Christmas gifts I have a sleepover with my nieces (7 and 8 yrs old) . Some of the things we have done is facials, hand paraffin dips and pedis. The pedi's I took a small hard plastic kiddy pool and had the girls sit around it and all soak at the same time. (works great with adults too) We have made crafts, one year we decorated aprons that they bring back each time for making cookies. It's tradition to go on a Pajama Run. After getting into pj's we pause the movie and I yell out pajama run and we put on coats and shoes on over pjs and run through McDonalds for ice cream. Lot's of games, Blind make-overs, Glow hunt, and Pretty Pretty Princess. We always have a blast and they receive a memory from Aunt Trish and not just a gift they will forget in a few years.

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Oh my word I LOVE the pajama run! Having a spur of the moment (been putting off for about 6months) pj party TOMORROW! The pj run may be my favorite idea I've come across....except it have to be chick fil a!! Thaks for sharing!

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