How long will my fresh whipped cream keep?

I want to make it tonight and have it for Thanksgiving tomorrow but don't know how long it will keep?

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I always make my whipped cream the night before I need it. Mine is already sitting in the refrigerator for tomorrow. It is less to do the next day. I add sugar so don't know if that has anything to do with how long it holds up. I have kept whipped cream in the frig for several days and it always lasts ok.:)

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I know I am probably too late for you; but fresh whipped cream should hold for a coupl of days in the fridge. Sugar does have something to do with it; it give the cream structure, without it the cream would deflate much faster. I would suggest not whipping it too stiff though, you still want it to be creamy and not break apart when you put your spoon through it.

Happy Baking

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Thank you for the info. I made the cream anyway and it was big hit. It's amazing to me that it took 5 minutes and all of my family thought I was some kind of genius for being able to do it.

Everyone is now a cranberry sauce convert too. I am expected to make both items for christmas dinner now.

I think I am on my way towards establishing myself as a good cook in the family.

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The Germans have a trick to keeping whipped cream stiff since they use whipped cream on everything. This works particularly well when the whipped cream will be used for a filling. It will keep several hours: Beat the cream and sugar half stiff. Dissolve 2 tsp gelatin in a bit of water til dissolved, then cool it slightly. Stir it in to the half beaten cream and continue beating until stiff. This works well for cream puffs, for instance, or at a time when you need to bring whipped cream to a pot luck dinner and you have to beat it ahead of time.

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What can I use in place of wine for cooking? we do not have alcohol in our home

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