Honey on the Carpet

I just spilled honey on my brand new carpet, I dont know what to do to get it out does anyone know of a good method I could use, any help would be much appreciated.....

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thanks you guys are a life saver and funny lol :)


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Ew, sticky situation. LOL! I've never spilt honey on the carpet, but I would think just using some water to dilute it would help. If you have a shampooer, that would help, too. Hey, it works on poop, why not honey (yeah, I'm speaking from experience. Boys are so hard to potty train!! They would rather play with it).

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I should think glopping up as much of the honey as possible (if it's a LOT of honey) is the first order of business. Then I suggest hiring a bear. They can get honey out of anything.

If a bear is not available, try copious amounts of hot (not boiling, just hot) water and lots of sponging. Shampoo shouldn't be necessary, but if you want to try it, go ahead. It shouldn't hurt anything.

Lynn Siprelle, Editor

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were sharing with us!!!!!! :) :) :)

TMI!!!!!! It really made me giggle!


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it was making me laugh each time I read it too!!!

The chance would be a fine thing, I can tell ya :grin:

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I think Christmas is finally bringing out all our childish behaviours!

Nothing to add on that sticky stuff on the carpet, but I'd go with the shampoo or some form of detergent to get the stickiness out of it. I can't quite imagine hot water alone doing the trick.

let us know how it goes please - DD9 likes honey (and Honey!) too and her motor skills/ability to pay attention aren't really what they could be! It's only a matter of time. We also have chocolate spread and peanut butter in the cupboard so tips on those at the same time would be welcomed. I came down this morning to find DD sitting in her father's chair (he was away last night) with a book and a piece of toast laden with chocolate spread - made me cringe!


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Geez, the TMI level around here...


Lynn Siprelle, Editor

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Jana, you're :evil:


Lynn Siprelle, Editor

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Thank You! Hot water works great to get the honey off of (brand new) carpet! Whew!

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if on carpet and subfloor is wood - needs to be extracted w/carpet cleaner - if soaks in wood - bugs could be a problem-ants bees /they smell it,even moths - but i do like the bear idea > !!

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hello, im 15 and i got chocolate sauce oon my carpet and my mum didnt know and our house is up for sale. i just want to say it really did workk :D thankyouuu :grin:

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I'm moving out of a shared apartment because I'm a caregiver and he's now got to either be in the hospital or a care home. I set everything from that's his on the carpet so his kids would stop "accidentally" taking my things and my kitten knocked over a jar of honey that wasn't properly closed. I used paper towels to get it off the carpet (there was a LOT of it), then hot water on the paper towels and scrubbed at it all the while telling my kitten that by rights, he ought to be doing it. Then I sprayed it with carpet cleaner and now 5 minutes later it might actually be cleaner in that spot than it was before. Cleaning up honey? Maybe $5 including paper towels, water and carpet cleaner. Keeping his kids clueless and off my back? PRICELESS! :D :grin:

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