found it! $30/ week grocery list and menu plan

Someone posted this here last year and then I couldn't find it again-- I was using the wrong search terms or something, both on TNH and on Google. Anyhow, in case anyone else was looking too and had the same problem, there it is. At the bottom of the page, it says it was first posted in 1999. I priced the list at my local mid-price supermarket, and I live in expensive southern California, and it's 2005, and the whole thing still was less than $50.


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Very topical for me at the moment :)
Are you going to try it?

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It worked out pretty well. I mixed and matched some of the menus and it all was good. So I have that in my toolkit now.

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Thanks, Becky! My grocery expenses are out of control--this is just what I needed. I'm too embarassed to admit how much money I've been spending on groceries a month for just three people.

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Going wheat-free is probably expensive in itself. But I think there are wheat-free versions of most of the things on the list. And if you also are nightshade-free or something, you can probably still come up with comparably priced substitutions.

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I have it bookmarked. The menues don't really work for my family, but I think it's going to be a GREAT learning tool/example for future Nutrition and Wellness and/or Resource Management classes that I may teach!

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Even tho this was posted awhile back, this is the first I saw of this and I am tickled pink to try this out. Thanks!

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This has been posted elsewhere here too, but what the heck, let's consolidate: It's a comparably-priced menu (it says $45 and the other says $30, but the $45 one assumes you start with bare cupboards and also is based on more recent prices). Mix and match and you, too, can have a low grocery bill.

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