Kitchen Cupboard Organization Ideas?

I really need to take everything out of my cupboards and drawers and re-organize. Since we started rotating the unload dishwasher job, we have 4 differnt people putting things away 4 different ways, and no one can find anything.

I have a large lazy-susan type corner cabinet, and the pot & pans are in there right now, which doesn't work at all.

Anyone have any tips or ideas?

Here's what I have to work with:

Upper cupboards:
small square double unit over fridge
big rectangular double unit between fridge & stove
small square double unit over stove
small single rectangular unit next to stove
Huge, deep corner unit next to that (this has plates, bowls, etc in it right now which works great)
Huge double rectangular unit over microwave

Under Cupboards:
narrow single unit with slots for cookie sheets next to fridge
4 drawer unit between that and the stove
huge corner lazy-susan
under sink unit
double rectangular unit with two drawers over it and sliding shelves in it under the microwave

I would appreciate any and all ideas that work for you!

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I keep all my plasticware/tupperware stored in my corner lazy susan,works well. The lids are stored standing upright in a box and the containers are stored inside each other by size. I only use square or rectangular containers because they stack better and maximize space in fridge or pantry. Round containers are space wasters.

Alot of people store pots and pans by the stove. I would suggest storing frying pans there but pots that need water should be stored near the sink. No sense going to the oven area to grab a pot,then walking over to the sink to fill it,then walking back to the stove,right?

I keep mugs,glasses by the cabinet closest to the fridge and coffeemaker

What else??? Can't think. Hope it helps some.


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Where I store things is affected by where my dishwasher is. Where is yours in relation to everything else?

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is just immediately to the right of the sink. It goes:

Does that make sense?

Someday, I will have my island. Someday.

Thanks for the help guys!

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Ours is immediately to the right of the sink also. What I've been doing is storing dishes in the cupboard to the LEFT of the sink, which makes them much more likely to get put away properly. When we first moved here, I put the dishes in the cupboard above the dishwasher to the right of the sink, but then if I opened the dishwasher to unload it, I kept hitting my shins on the dishwasher door when I tried to put away the dishes, does that make any sense? And then I'd have to keep opening and closing the dishwasher door. So having the dishes in the second-closest cupboard is actually more convenient.

I also used to live in a house with way too little cupboard space, and I bought a pantry cupboard from Meijer (similar to Wal-mart or Target) to put the food in. That left me enough room for dishes, pots and pans. All my neighbors who had the same house plan did something similar

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I can only tell you what I've done with mine! Left to right: Pantry-fridge-counter-stove-counter-sink-dishwasher.

I keep the home medicine chest and the rubbermaid storage above the dishwasher, the coffee stuff and mugs in the upper cabinet left of the sink (and over the coffee pot).

In the upper cabinet to the right of the stove: the herbs, spices, and kitchen appliances

In the lower cabinet round-a-bout by the sink: another pantry with all the canned goods, vinegars, olive oils, etc.

The narrow bottom cabinet to the right of the stove is used for shallow, oversized pans, cooling racks, colanders, and misc. cooking gadgets like my terra cotta garlic roaster and citrus juicer

Under the stove I keep the baking pans, over the stove I keep the toaster, the attachments to the kitchenaid, the handmixer.

To the left of the stove in the upper cabinets I have the large cooking spice jars, the baking powder, soda, salt, cocoa, teas.

The upper corner cabinet has the casserole dishes, the glass mixing bowls, the creamer/sugar/honey dishes, the nicer serving platters, and our old set of dishes in case we need more for company.

The upper cabinet next to the fridge is where we keep the dishes, glasses, wine glasses, and serving bowls.

The lower cabinet next to the fridge: pots, pans, pressure cooker, stock pots, dutch oven, rice cooker, etc.

The tiny cabinet over the fridge is where i put things we hardly ever use like the paper plates and cups.

DH grumps about not having the dishes right over the dishwasher no matter how many times I've told him how awkward that would be for me to try to reach over the dishwasher trays to put things away. A friend of mine had her kitchen that way and she hated it.

My one suggestion is that once you've rearranged things the way you want them, label every shelf-edge and the inside of every drawer. Whether you use those narrow tape-labels, paper and scotch tape, or write on the wood itself, at least whoever is putting away has no excuse.

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I hang my pots and pans over sink in a rack for that purpose..they can drip into sink.

I also use a dish drainer that fits over the larger side of double sink so things drip into the sink there, too

My delema is odd shaped cabinets and a 3rd shelf I cannot reach. Today I put ALL my dishes in a small hutch even if it's not near the sink or stove. Then I put large bowl and soup bowls that don't match dishes into the triangle shaped cabinet I have..I put glasses next to sink in narrow cupboard.

I am fortunate to have a pantry for the food. We put in a lazy susan but sometimes it drives me nuts..someday I'd like pull out storage in the pantry as it's somewhat narrow.

I do have an island type set up, but the chairs swivel so I keep putting them away and just using the country table in that room next to kitchen..I'd rather have more cabinets above then that open counter I think.

Thanks, Flo

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I keep all of of my high use bowls, plates, cups and glasses in the cupboard above the dishwasher. I am short, but I still can stand next to the dishwasher and put the dishes away with the dishwasher door open without doing any harm to my shins. If I didn't keep the glasses this close, I would probably break a lot more glasses as I seem to need to load up as many items as I can possibly carry when having to even take a few steps to put things away. My mother-in-law has a lazy susan and keeps mixing bowls, and larger tupperware in it. I have an island so I am not much help with the other items as my pots and pans are in the large island pull out drawers right across from my dishwasher which is between the sink and range. The items that are the least breakable or used the least are stored the farthest away from my dishwasher and maybe near where I would get them out to use them.
I love rearranging and have rearranged most of my cupboards at least every other year. Have fun.

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