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Hey all...

Anyone have some good tips for dealing with sinus junk, other than peppermint/ginger/herbal tea and steam baths? I am doing both of those on a regular basis, which is helping a lot. But there is so much dang pressure that it makes me wish they made snotsucker bulbs for adults!!! :/ I guess I could try the kids' snotsucker, but I have kind of big nostrils.

Anyway, I would love to hear other ideas for how to get through this! :)

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My DH's ENT doctor had him use that for sinus troubles. It wasn't magic but it did help. You can mix it up yourself if you want and squeeze it in with a snotsucker.

Also, this isn't exactly sinuses but may help-- when I had a BAD cold in February and (correctly) suspected I might be pregnant and couldn't take my usual Sudafed, I sucked on menthol cough drops. They helped. And I rubbed mentholated lip balm right under my nose. Like Vapo-Rub I guess.

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My husband's allergist recommended a neti pot, which is similar to Becky's idea. It looks kind of weird, but it doesn't hurt and sometimes helps. We've had inconsistent results, though. I think it works better for me when my allergies are bothering me than when I have a cold. If I'm already stuffy, sometimes it can make it worse. :P Other times it works great and I'm clearer for the rest of the day.

Drinking lots and lots of water or tea seems to help me, too, but of course it runs through me!

I'd love to hear other people's remedies. We're always looking for something that helps.

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I always thought that was more steam-related. Which idea of mine does it relate to?

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I think there's a link to one somewhere on this site so check through there if it's something you might be interested in! Don't know whether it made the move, but I remember it because there's no way I'd actually have a visual for such a thing otherwise.

I rely on antihistamines, vapo-rub (also under my nose) and lots of tissues. I also removed some big dustcatchers in my bedroom and things do seem to have been better recently. Depends what's causing the problems though I guess. I can sympathise Kitty!


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avoid too many cold liquids because it really increases your mucous amount, so room temperature for 'cold' drinks and lots of teas for hot is best.

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Not sure I want to know, but someone enlighten me....:grin:

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and look what I found

'Just apply the Snotsucker as often as needed and you will breathe easier.
From the people that brought you the Constipation Snake! ...'

I am not even go to ask what THAT is.

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Currently suffering from sinus pressure, cold, and general crud.... If I had been smart, I would have done what I always do when I feel something like this and begin a strict regimen that my mother and grandmother made me do as a child. First of all, no dairy AT ALL! It is a major contributor to mucus build-up... Seriously.... none.. Second, only herbal tea and water to chase 1000mg of vitamin C and 1000mg of super odorless garlic ( a proven natural antibiotic ) EVERY TWO HOURS!!! Without a break until bedtime! A great hot tea to get that is extrememly effective is called fenugreek tea. Although yucky in taste, it reduces asthmatic conditions and sinus pressure by combating mucus. Other benifits are lowering colesterol, arthritis pain, and aiding in digestion.....

The main key? C, Garlic, and push fluid every two hours at the least....
Hope it helps.... :)

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That's the real name for snotsucker. It's the thing you use when a baby has a cold, to suck out the snot since babies can't blow their noses.

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I've never heard of it before! We certainly didn't have them over here when DS was small. Good idea though.

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I was quite sure my mother used one on my sister when we lived in London, in the 1970s. Maybe she got it from our relatives in the US? How do English babies breathe when they have colds, since babies can't breathe through the mouth?

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left the hospital. Kind like it is a MUST in baby stuff here! :)


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Maybe everyone else had a snotsucker and I didn't, for some reason. I would think if they were around I would have come across them, as I read just about every baby magazine in the shops for about three years! Maybe I just missed it.

Do you have Karvol over there? Strong smelling stuff that you put on a tissue? I'd leave it in the bedroom near the head of the bed and it always dried his nose right up. I still use it for him now when he is stuffed up! I swear by the stuff :grin:

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We have other brands which are the same as Karvol. The Vicks Vapo-rub I mentioned is menthol, so the same active ingredient.

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They don't approve of them here! You don't get given them as a standard bit of kit on leaving hospital. Funnily enough a couple of friends who tried them found that they made no difference at all. Perhaps we have a different design of snot sucker. Or different design of baby's noses!!


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One of my syringe's was too soft to be of any use and the other one was the old fashioned kind and was too big and strong. I think I may have once managed to get anything out of DD's nose with either one.

For decongesting the sinuses:

One option is taking a really long, hot, steamy shower. This loosens up everything and four or five good nose-blows clears your sinuses quite nicely.

If you prefer over-the-counter meds, Ibuprofen will often help relieve the swelling of the nasal tissues bringing down the inflammation and pain.

If you prefer homeopathic rememdies, I use Pusatilla 30C. It takes care of my congestion beautifully. Check with someone who knows to see if this or another homeopathic remedy would work best for you.

Also, applying hot packs to the sinus areas can help, followed by a sinus massage. A warm washcloth works well. For the sinus massage, I rub all around the base of the nose, the cheeks, around the eyes, and behind the ears. Sometimes gently pulling on the ears (out and down) helps drain things in the back of the nose/throat.

And finally,

"Sip chicken soup. A long-time folk remedy is now a proven fact. A cup of hot chicken soup can help unclog your nasal passages. Researchers at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach found that hot chicken soup, either because of its aroma or its taste, "appears to possess an additional substance for increasing the flow of nasal mucus." These secretions—what comes out when you blow your nose or sneeze—serve a first line of defense in removing germs from your system, the researchers say." from MotherNature.com.

"If you want your children to be bright, read them fairytales-- if you want them to be brilliant, read them even more fairytales" Albert Einstein

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A sinus massage can clear up your nasal passage almost over night if done correctly. Try every hour for really bad sinus pressure. It really works. I use this method on my two daughters, and I have never had to take them to the doctor for sinus infections. Check this website for step by step on how to do this kind of massage.


Let me know if this helps!

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The neti pot is a little ceramic pot with a spout. You lean over the sink and pour warm salt water in one nostril and out the other. Sometimes it really helps. :)

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I have always found Karvol much more effective than Vick.

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D'oh, I didn't even think of that! What kind of a Jewish mother am I? This must be my comeuppance for the fact that I've been considering joining a Unitarian church.

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1 teaspoon or 2 tsp of organic apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. 2-3 times a day. It cleared my allergies up, I had allergies for years. It works.

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Apple Cider vinegar? Snort it or drink it?

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