Dairy free snacks for a baby

DB10months is dropping her afternoon snack milk feed, and I'm looking for things with which to replace it. She has eczema, so she's dairy free for the moment (she also can't have grapes/raisins etc or strawberries), and I seem to give her nothing but bananas and rice cakes at snack times. I want her to have a bit more variety in her life!! Does anyone have a good rusk recipe? Any ideas for simple, straightforward, wholesome snacks? All ideas very welcome!!!


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Just started the dairy free thing with my 15 month old daughter. Annies naturals make a bunny graham and I just found a website called dairy free with lots of crackers and snack ideas!!!

Good luck!

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I came across this site today on one of my home ed email lists.


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Various smoothies and lactose free yogurts are good snacks for young children. Just make sure that they are no big bits left in the smoothies.

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I have a 10 month old that is allergic to dairy too. I cook various veggies, like sweet corn, peas, carrots, green beans (cut up into small pieces) and just let her feed herself. She loves it!

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baby jars, or adult jars of it, or you can make your own.

I'll have a think for some other ideas. I remember a baby biscuit that we found when we were in China (oddly enough - we struggled to find it elsewhere) - they were by Gerber and they were banana shaped and banana flavoured. Definitely among the better baby biscuits I ever tasted. I certainly never got tempted to snack on Farley's Rusks!


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Grahm Crackers are good, or ritz crackers, or just reg. saltines. Cheerios are good snacks, and also work on eye hand cordination (we even have a Cheerio's book where you put cheerios for wheels on cars, eyeglasses, checkers, etc). One of my babies loved cucumbers.

Ugh, rice cakes! I'd be mad if I were your baby! LOL! I can't stand those things, but they are healthy, I guess. I try not to eat healthy too much. LOL!

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- hard boiled eggs (cut up) or scrambled eggs
- cooked beans (mashed up so baby doesn't choke)
- avocados
- apples
- shredded baby carrots (or cooked and mashed)

Also, Pamela's brand is available in most health food stores and offers a wide variety of snack foods that are good for people with food allergies and sensitivies.

Our whole food market has brochures available that list snacks and foods that are dairy-free.

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I totally loved this book and would recommend it highly for nice recipes and solid info. She has all kinds of "toddler hors d'oeuvres" that your baby could eat -- little patties or balls of mashed up foods and grains that you can make in big batches and stash in your freezer.

Also really good guidance on introducing foods at various ages.

I ordered mine from Amazon

"Where are we going? And why am I in this handbasket?!"

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- avacodos where a hit at our house.
- pears
- carrots sticks that were just cooked...not hard but not to mushy!
- also I made my own little french fries that were baked, regular and sweet potatoes.

You can do all this in batches so it is not like you have to cook every snack time!

Good luck!


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there's a woman who writes cookbooks for kids and she's done them for babies too... Annabel Karmel. And she's British, so there shouldn't be any difficulty about you getting it in Waterstones or wherever.

According to the "Family Meal Planner" cookbook I have, she's done at least two which might be suitable: "Baby and Toddler Cookbook" and "The New Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner".

I am NOT saying buy them. I would say go and get them in the library or flick through them in the book shop. See if you can get any ideas, see if it's interesting to you.

And the cheerios suggestion reminded me of the fact that Stephanie started to learn how to use a spoon with Rice Krispies - the plain cereals should be fine, but probably not cornflakes as she could swallow it whole and choke Stick with the smaller types.

looking in health food shops is a good idea.

A lump of bread is probably as good as any too! By that age, as long as you don't give her the obvious allergy triggers, she should be pretty tough!


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Good evening, Have you tried cream of wheat with water or oatmeal with water. My boys loved them as snacks and not to mention they are healthy. I don't know exactly where u are at but if you have a store called Wild Oats nearby they also can help you find different things to try that are dairy free. I have personally switched from dairy products to soy. It was a change but I actually do like it and so do my boys.


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I expect my daughter to be dx with exzema this week. I want to take dairy out of her diet, she is 11 mo. i need all the communities blogs and groups i can find.


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DD lived on it until she was nearly two!


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Thanks for all your suggestions - it's so easy to get into a rut and just dole out the same things. Kerri - I do actually have an Annabel Karmel book, and she is generally great (apart from the odd dodgy recipe - cod with sweet potato and orange juice, anyone?!!! No, don't try, I did and it was not good), but lots of her snacks seem to have a dairy element to them. Shaun - the little patties seem like just the thing, I'll have a dig around and see if Super Baby Food is available over here. (I'm in the UK, btw, for anyone who doesn't know.)

She is pretty good at eating sticks of things with her hands, so all your fruit and vegi suggestions are great. Luckily she doesn't seem very keen on avocado at the moment - it's very expensive here and DH and I really like it!!!!

She normally has porrige for breakfast so oatmeal or other grains with water might go down well. Anyone got any experience with quinoa? I know it's really good for you, but I've never tried it myself.

Thanks again, and anymore thoughts - keep 'em coming!


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you could probably use soy milk or rice milk in a lot of cases. Certainly if you can get small boxes of those it could be worth trying - not much poin making a huge batch of something to use up a litre box, then you find that nobody even likes whatever the recipe was.

I don't think I would ever try that weird recipe - you're right: there are the odd ones which seem to slip into her books when the rest seems quite sane, things I just can't bring myself to test.


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Be careful with Gerber products for dairy allergic little ones as most of their toddler products are traced with dairy in form of whey or other ingredients. We use Healthy Times cookies, fresh fruit, zen soy puddings or soy yogurt. Applesauce and organic apple cinnamon o's. Good luck! Jenn

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Jenny - I know, it's freaky, but she loves those rice cakes!! I'm trying to encourage that kind of thing whilst I'm still in control :)

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hi there..my baby has just hit the 4 month mark so within the next couple of weeks i would like to start introducing some foods..as he is allergic to dairy i have no idea on recipes..some assistance would be great! anyone?

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My son is 17 months old and is allergic to milk, eggs and strawberries. We have certainly learned A LOT from this experience. So, my advice...ask around and do your research! I agree with the earlier post...avoid Gerber products! Here are a few snacks that we have found to work for us: Jammy Sammy's (I found them at target and they are organic too!) they are a small squared shape oatmeal bar. Kind-of like a nutri grain bar. They come in apple and blueberry. My son loves them and they are soft too. We also give him Veggie Straws; I found these at Giant grocery store in the chip aisle. He started eating these not too long ago bc I wanted to make sure he wouldn't choke. They are shaped like a mini-straw but pretty much melt in your mouth. We also do Teddy Grahams (honey or cinnamon only). I found mini-teddy grahams at the store recently and they are the perfect size for my little guy. I worry about choking ;) And again; cheerios, apple cheerios, graham crackers, whole soy yogurt work too. I also make him banana muffins (I substitute milk for soy milk and use apple sauce in place of eggs)...they turned out yummy! I hope this helps at least one person out there :)

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:) my dawter is 7 mnths old nd lactose intolarent try alpro yougurts , custard and mny more frm there range or tesco nd sainsburys now do dairy free milky buttons or kids chocolate bars nd tesco now do a wide range ov snack stuff even bread in the free from section were u normally find the gluten free stuff

hope this helps hun xx

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