My Daughter BUTCHERED her hair

This is mainly a vent so be warned my sneaky little prissy 4yo decided tonight she took her brothers "kid" scisors while he was doing homework with them and snuck off to her the span of less than five mins that I was attending the hard part of dinner she managed to cut her hair just to its only able to now be unbeliveable short...well needless to say mom is MAD.I dont know what makes me more angry that her lovley hair is gone and I have to dip deep into emergency cash I dont have to spend to get it fixed on top or that she broke the golden rule of bladed objects wich she is WELL aware of.Maybe its the fact that the school asked us all not to use "saftey scissors" that wont cut skin and hair instead having us use fiskars kid sized ones that cut as good as adult ones.Maybe Im mad at myself for not seeing her grab them I dont know who Im really mad at but I am MAD MAD MAD MAD :(

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Apparently this isn't unique to girls - read this and see if you don't feel better, even amused a little...,710

And if that article doesn't help, go browse the rest of the site - I especially recommend the 'search by feeling' section! :)


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I don't have a hair cutting story (other than than my Mum had to cut a huge chunk of mine out because I stuck gum in it!) I wanted to say I am so sad to hear about your brother, Rizzo.

Sounds like you have great memories of him though, and that is a wonderful and precious thing.


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Feel about this. Know that I'm not even close to this stage yet, but I feel its just a stage that they will grow out eventually.

Thank you.

Jessica, Hippie Feminist, Trying to Go Organic, No Circ or Vaccinations Without learning, researching the issues 1st, Learning, Researching (All these will be used now and in Future as well)

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When my hubby got home I decided it was time to give out 17month old son his 1st haircut... we gave him a mohawk totally cool! Well when we went out of the bathroom to look at it out older daughters 5 and 4 decided they needed a haircut also. My 5 year old cut her bangs (for the second time) midway, it didnt look bad and her hair never grows so it didnt bother me. BUT my 4 year old who has (HAD) LONG silky perfect blonde hair cut it to right below her ears. My hubby found them and called me and I started BAWLING as I cut it even. Im ok after reading this and at least she has a year and a half before she starts school. Thank you all for making me feel better with your own horror stories... lol!

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Hah, my DD12 did this the other day.

From pretty shoulder-length brown hair to a bob. It looks nice.

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Haha I can understand why you are mad but I must say I did a similar thing as a child only not to my own hair. I took those same scissors and cut one of my girl friend's bangs!! Hahah needless to say her mom wasn't so happy either...don't worry years from now you will look back and laugh and in the meantime - just remember she is 4 =)

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Be sure to take photos of your kid's self-inflicted "hairdo" (or.. "don't"... all about perspective..) !

When I was 4 1/2 and my brother was 6 we managed to get ahold of our mum's scissors. She kept 'em out of reach, but after some tip-toeing, maneuvering, and getting our step-stool from the bathroom (that we used to reach the sink to brush our teeth), we made off with our prize, and I proceeded to attempt to trim my own bangs. My big brother offered to help because I obviously couldn't see what I was doing, and I was only 4, so I put my trust, and mum's scissors, into his hands. I just old him to cut 'em good and short, that my bangs kept falling into my eyes and I couldn't see.

So.. only moments before Mommie Dearest realized we were being too quiet *not* to be up to something, my brother was able to cut a huge chunk out of my bangs. Pretty much up to the scalp. I didn't really care, but ohhh my mother certainly did. I'm pretty sure I defended my brother, and his, errr, hair styling techniques.

This lovely mess of course would just have to grow out. And, this of course had to happen on the week of School Picture Day. I was either in pre-K or Kindergarten, I don't recall... but regardless, we still have the school picture from that year. Me and my cute pink dress & pigtails... and a bald-ish patch in my bangs. Terrible photo, but we love it.

BUT MY MAIN POINT for posting... was this...
Take a picture. Yeah, it's annoying and your kid looks wacky but it happens to every child.
And it's those little things, and those little moments, even the ones that make you so mad right now, that you're gonna look back on and cherish most. Childhood and all the wonderfully silly & simple trials of that time end far too soon.

And unfortunately, so can life.

My big brother is dead now. He died 4yrs ago, serving in the US armed forces. He was 20.

My mum and I look back at old photographs, and it's those silly ones, like the one I've mentioned above, (or even just walking past the faded stain in the hallway from when he was little & running with his grape kool-aid [or some type of purple drink], instead of staying in the kitchen with it like he was supposed to)... it's those little things.. that make us smile the most now.

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I remember when i was younger and my little brother would sneak away with the scissors and mangle his hair. Thankfully its not so bad with boys, you can shave their heads to straighten it out if u have to. I cant tell you how long my sister and i would laugh at his rediculous hair cut and my mother had always warned that one day it would happen to our kids and we wouldnt think it was so funny. Unfortunately today had to be that day. One of my 4 yr old twins got a hold of a pair of scissors while i was getting their lunches ready. When i walked back into the living room i saw her beautiful long blonde hair in ruins all over the carpet. My 1st reaction was to see if they were ok - no cuts, no blood. Then the shock of the hair hit me. Hopefully their old enough to have learned from this. When i called my mom to tell her she laughed out loud and said "told ya so"

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Oh Hannah just did this last week. I was using the bathroom. It took maybe three minutes. Then I went into the kitchen and wiped the counters down before bed. I notice than it's very quiet. All the girls are in Sarah's room. I hear though the door (evesdropping, a Mother's best friend) "Hannah you GOT to tell Mom". I call out that it's bedtime and everyone should come into the bathroom for teeth brushing. Out file the girls with Hannah dragging behind. Sarah catches my eye and says "Take a deep breath, Mom". LOL Hannah's head is hanging so low I'm surprised she hasn't tipped over. I really start to worry that something horrible has happened.

Then she looks up.

OMG To The Scalp. Big fat tears are running down her cheeks and I just gather her up and say "Oh Hannah it's going to be ok." She's just so upset and everyone's first reaction is " Oh My God Hannah what happened to your hair?" Listen people it's just hair.... it will grow. And she had a very good logical explanation. See she has this Barbie doll that when you crank the arm, the hair grows. And she cut her bangs and cranked her arm, just like Barbie. And when she looked up at me wanting an answer to why her hair didn't grow, I was the best Mom evah. I didn't laugh one bit.... until later when she'd left the room.

I suppose I could never use the bathroom, clean the kitchen, do laundry, read a book, watch TV and linger around all three of my children, splitting myself in thirds and really be "The Best Mom Evah" but I'd rather let my daughter cut her hair, *gasp* unsupervised and let her imagination run wild, and just be a regular real mom.

Marlin: I promised I'd never let anything happen to him.
Dory: Hmm. That's a funny thing to promise.
Marlin: What?
Dory: Well you can't never let anything happen to him. Then nothing would ever happen to him. Not much fun for little Harpo.

So yeah Hannah cut her hair. What a grand adventure she must have had doing it.
I'm your mother, not your maid!!!!

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The original poster stated that it was with kids scissors, aka safety scissors, that this was done with. NOT adult scissors. Yes, they are safety scissors, and some of them say on the package that it only cuts paper, NOT hair. But guess what? Somehow my child managed to cut hair with it. Not much, but some. She was 7. Which is a bit old to be in that stage of "I didn't know any better" when I know she did. She was just looking for a bit of attention and mad that I wouldn't let her cut her long locks of golden curls (she didn't cut much. I took her to the salon in town and managed to give her a long layered cut, thus keeping her hair fairly long. Unfortunatly, most of the curls are gone).

My point is, safety scissors can be the culprit, not just mama's sewing shears. And while safety scissors can cut hair, you aren't going to fall and stab/kill yourself with them any more than other items, like a pencil or something.

And if a child REALLY wants something, they will get it. We have a cousin who kept her scissors on TOP of the fridge. She went to change the diaper of the other child and came back to find her 3 year old had gotten on top of the counter to reach the fridge and had cut off a good portion of her hair. I suggested next time she lock her scissors in the gun cabinet. LOL! I suppose though that it was totally the fault of the mom for having more than one child to look after. She should wait til one is grown before having another one, because a mom can't watch more than one child at one time. [snort!!!]

I echo Lynn. That lady has some issues and probably is a troller. Just to get a rise out of us. Seen them before around here. Or else she has nothing better to do but read the horrible statistics of the news world and blame mothers that took an eye off their sleeping child in order to get some sleep theirselves.

I've been on the computer for 10 minutes. I should make sure that all 4 of my children are still alive and haven't choked on a piece of pulp in their orange juice.

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My DD5 hacked her hair around the sides not too long ago. She has a bob, so it's not too bad, so I left it rather than spend $$ to have it straightened out. But sometimes you have no choice but to resort to the hairdresser. I think every kid has done this at least once in their life. My DD5 has done it *more* than once! I sure can understand how it makes you mad!

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I say a fitting punishment would be to let her stew in this haircut for a few weeks. That way she will learn a lesson and you will have time to save up a few bucks for a trip to the "hair shop". I know it's frustrating, kids have such beautiful hair! But it's a girl thing. I totally cut my own hair when I was 12 and my parents were at the grocery store. Needless to say, it was awful!

Hang in there, sister. :)

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My 4 1/2 year old daughter just chopped her hair today! And I was so sad, it took 4 years for her hair to grow that lenghth, and it was so curley and pretty, now it's still curley, but choppy! I'm so so sad! WHY! WHY ME? I really hoped she wouldn't have gone through the faze of doing this, but I guess I was wrong!

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Josie cut her hair and her sister's hair last year. Lou's was so badly butchered we had to give her an intentionally asymmetrical haircut (very Carnaby Street ca 1966) to keep her from looking like a boy; if we had evened it out she would have looked like a Louis, not a Louisa. The good thing about hair is, it grows. :)

Lynn Siprelle, Editor

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guess I can add my story

I was a retired hairdresser and was suppose to cut my DD4 hair for a picture taking....well I wasn't fast enough and so when I was at work[night time] my DD cut her own hair,,,DH in the basement

I come home to a crying kid ,,,not the one who cut her hair but the sister who was afraid I be sooooo mad..yep I was

the only thing you can think is

it will grow it will grow it will grow

sending good vibes.............most of us have been there,,,it will be OK

picture taking was canceled :(

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Well I should have known something was up by the amount of time he was in the bathroom. Yet I decided I would soak my tired feet in my foot soaker/ massager. I have not done this in a long time and hoped it would help since I stand all day at work. Well he found my little sciocors I keep in the car. He has/ had the softess, crullest hair. ofcourse he wants straight. I was letting it grow out yet now he has managed to cut a great amount of his cruls off and use a large amount of my hair gel... I took the scisors and told him how disappointed I am in him. That I should not have to hide them from him. Also that he didnt ask to use the gel and that he was wasting it. I offered to finnish his cut yet he said it was ok... Since he was a mess with hair and hair gel I had him take a shower and now he is inside for the night ... I havnt looked at his head yet I am hoping the curls have been kind and he doesnt look too much like dork... What to do what to do????

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tommorow to the beauty shop near my mother in laws business to see what repairs can be made.Im just not going to be able to hold my head up to see the dismay of the hair dresser I hope she is inventive and in a I can fix this mood.

Ps Im getting a great discount since MIL is her landlord so this helps the money part at least.

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It won't be the first bad self-haircut the hairdresser has seen, and it certainly won't be the last. I think it's a rite of passage for children and their parents to mangle the hair at least once.
Soon you will look back on this event and laugh. I promise.

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When I was 5 years old, I snuck the scissors and cut both sides of my hair and cut my eyelashes off (how dangerous was that?!). Good news was that my eyelashes grew back thick and long (and stayed that way until I started using mascara as a teenager). I wouldn't recommend trying it, however...

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seems to be only the girls though doesn't it?? For once the boys are actually smarter than us! :LOL: I didn't do it to myself, as far as I remember, but my DD did. About the same age too. Only one side though and I let her stew and didn't get it cut for a couple of weeks.

Speaking of the guys not doing it... my dad tried to 'trim' his wet fringe just before an early job interview, and you know how that goes... he kept trying to straighten it and before he knew where he was it was REALLY short. And then it dried! All he had left were tufts where his fringe used to be, and an interview to go to.

Scissors are seriously dangerous weapons in the wrong hands. And my kids' teachers keep asking me to get them to practice - I hardly let my DD& near scissors, let alone my supremely dangerous DS5!

Sympathy Jenn. Don't be mad at yourself because she would have found a way, no matter what. Be angry at her, but try not to let it get out of proportion. My DD has found plenty of other things to annoy me with since then, and cutting hair is not even close to the worst!


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I'm only 18 but I remember at her age it was a favorite past-time of mine to try and prove that I could cut my hair and make it look pretty. I failed miserably, completely destroying my bangs on family photo day (although there wasn't a much more that could make that picture any uglier). It's rather funny though, because, now I have plenty of practice with my bangs (I trim them regularly to keep them out of my eyes) and none with the rest of my head...

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I just recieved a phonecall from my mother saying that my 4 year old daughter is crying because she cut her own hair. I'm thinking to myself, ok, maybe its not so bad so I tell them to send a picture to my email. Her hair is butchered!!! Her bangs are cut all the way across down to the scalp and there is a huge chunk missing from the side of her head. It has taken her 4 years to get hair down to her shoulders and now I am gonna have to cut it atleast to her ears all the way around!!! My mother tells me that I am over reacting but I dont think I am. I dont see how this can be fixed by any hairdresser and it will take forever to grow back. I am scared that she will go to preschool and all of the kids will make fun of her about it and she gets upset so easily.

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It's just hair. Your reaction is going to affect her reaction. If she gets upset, remind her that she cut her hair and maybe next time if she decides to do that she'll remember how she feels right now. Both of my girls have cut their hair, pretty badly. It all worked out okay. Hair grows back. Just repeat to yourself--HAIR GROWS BACK. Good luck!

Lynn Siprelle, Editor

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under my husbands supervision our four year old cut our three year olds hair tonight...each curl has been cut off along with her bangs GONE! Anyway reading all this has made me feel much better! Thank You :)

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My daughter just cut her own hair tonight! Her hair is(was) about to the middle of her back and now the left side is about middle ear! She's about to be three and she also got a hold of her brothers frisker's scissors and cut a perfect line across the side of her head. She'll just have to live with it though!

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Man, is this ever familiar! Yes, even hairdressers kids do this! BOTH my kids, when they were little, cut their own hair with kid scissors. And NO I couldn't fix it even being a hairdresser!!!!! Sometimes these things aren't fixable, BUT like Lynn said its hair and it will grow back. And when your kids are teenagers like mine, you will laugh your butt off about it, even though its not funny now :/
If it makes you feel any better, my DD18 went to the nail salon the other day and had her eyebrows waxed with her friends, now mind you, I do this to her for free, and I have a wax machine here at home. Well we gotta be like our friends right? NOW she has like one thin line of eyebrows and looks like hell. Well well well aren't we intellegent??? I just shook my head and laughed. Then read her the riot act, nail techs aren't licensed to do wax, thats what takes food off our table I told her :P

But it could be worse, I once had a little boy come in the salon that got hold of his dad's electric razor and shaved OFF the back of his hair. ACK!

Hang in there!

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Mad now, but take pictures, you'll have a laugh later!! Ok, granted, it hasn't happened to me (yet. but my daughters are now 6 and 8 and HOPEFULLY have outgrown this stage!). But I think I would take pictures, since I'm a scrapbooker anyway (or at least I claim to be). Always take pictures, you can blackmail them later. HAHAHA!!!! :D

And FWIW. Country singer Tim McGraw went to get a haircut one day and took a daughter or two with him. They asked for a buzz cut like daddy, and so he did. Don't you know his wife Faith Hill was PISSED!!! I'm sure it grew back, though.

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My DD4 just cut off about 3" of my DD2 hair. I am so sad.:o( She had such beautiful hair, down to shoulders already. She also hacked my plants in my sunroom to death. Is this just a preschooler craze?

As to the crazy mad g'mother poster, you're right - I didn't have an eye on them. And I don't 100% of the time. Who does?!? I was cleaning the kitchen and heard them playing in their room (or so I thought). How in the world could a person be with their kids every single minute of every single day?

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Down to the scalp. My mother had me get a pixie cut. With VERY fine, thin blonde hair it was not a cute pixie but it worked. I am sure I was made fun of but honestly I DO NOT REMEMBER! But I do remember I never cut my hair again!


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When my younger sister was about 7 she also BUTCHERED her hair all off! Now shes 15 and she just went to the hair shop and got a really fashionable mo-hawk style cut. I guess she's always had it in her. lol

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Yes i'm not alone.... last night i found my daughter with her new haircut....a mullet yes a mullet it is so short on the top that a hairdresser would have 2 cut it like a boys haircut 2 even make it look right.... all i can say is at least she didnt cut her self.... i took a picture to show her when she is older... all you can do is laugh. her hair was sooo long and beutiful now she looks like she's on her way to a monster truck ralley

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She begged and begged to cut her own bangs--I used to do mine all the time before I cut all my hair off, now I actually have a stylist do it, woohoo. I said, it's not as easy as it looks. She said pleeeeeeeeze!!!!!1!

So I said fine, and straightened up the resulting crookedies. Her bangs are far, far north of her eyebrows. They're almost north of her hairline. But she's happy and proud so whatever, it's hair, it grows. :)

Lynn Siprelle, Editor

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I've been reading this column this evening because my 4 yr. old granddaughter cut her hair off this morning while her mother was doting over the 2 year old. What are YOU PEOPLE MISSING HERE? I'll tell you... NOT ONE of you EVER once mentioned how these children could have been harmed! While all of you are off doing whatever you think is so important at the moment, instead of your child cutting her hair with the scissors..... THEY COULD HAVE FALLEN ON THE SCISSORS.....OR, they could have gone outside and the outcome could have been disastrous, if not fatal, since they were obviously unattended! STOP people and think about this...... Hair will grow back, but you all need to step back and remember that 4 year olds need ADULT SUPERVISION. Don't let scissors down where kids can get them. Remember that you have MORE than one child (for those of you that do)....and for God's sake act like an adult.

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I swear it must be "generational"..... excuses, excuses and more excuses. Yes.... "stuff does happen"..... but the common factor I've read in these postings is always the same.. EXCUSES. Own up to it people...YOU screwed up... NOT your child. But the child is the one that's getting all the repercussions here....yelled at....self esteem being obliterated, made fun of by others, INCLUDING MORE IMMATURE ADULTS....etc. etc. etc. All the while... these things could have been prevented by YOU.... the parents, the adults... the ones who are supposed to be RESPONSIBLE. A child of 3-4 years old should NOT have the OPPORTUNITY to do this. A child of 10-12, is quite another story. No... don't wrap them up in a cocoon to protect them, but the parents have to at some point accept the responsibility of these YOUNGGGGGGG kids. ANy time something goes wrong, or something happens to a kid, the parents instantly try to focus the blame somewhere where it doesn't belong. Like I said it's're never wrong... YOU didn't leave the scissors down and available to small hands....YOU weren't doing something else that could have waited.... YOU were engrossed in your current more important activity while thinking...."THEY'RE OK".... I'll get there in a minute. OWN UP TO YOUR MISTAKE and stop blaming it on the child. And... whoever it was that posted something about " a fitting punishment"...yes, you're right. BUT the punishment should be for the ADULT and this person should be required to take parenting classes. PUNISHMENT should be levied on the ones responsible....which is not a 4 year old CHILD. GET REAL parents... stop putting the blame on the children....YOU are the adults, YOU are the PARENTS, YOU are the ones responsible for THEIR CARE!

It only takes ONE SECOND for that child to be GONE.... INJURED... or DEAD! I know of one case where a mother thought.. "I'll lock the door in a second... and 2 minutes late the child was drowned in their family pool. I know of another case where a 3 yr old got scissors left down by a mother cutting coupons... and the child trying to please their mother came running to give the scissors to the Mommy yelling
" Here MOMMY.. for YOU"... and promptly fell on them and DIED later that day. Another where the child went OUT the door and was struck by a car while the parents were making dinner.... and another that fell out of a 2nd story window while left alone... etc. etc. etc. etc. WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO WAKE YOU PEOPLE UP? READ THE NEWSPAPERS>> LISTEN TO THE NEWS>>> IT HAPPENS EVERY SINGLE DAY!

When you ADULTS look at your dear sweet "hairless" CHILDREN....please don't cry over the lost "beauty" as you perceive it.... Cry over the fact that it could have been worse, and wasn't ... ONLY by the grace of GOD.... certainly not by your vigilance as parents! Hug your child, tell them they're beautiful and thank God they lived through YOUR mistake, ............THIS TIME!

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That's a lot of judgement toward total strangers packed into one message. Lynn, your subject line made me laugh out loud!

I always enjoy these hair-cutting threads, perhaps more so as I wait for my 4yos bizarre self-inflicted sideburn to grow back into normal hair -- it seems like months!

Anyway, it seems like only 8 years ago that I stopped being the brilliant, talented apple of my parents' eyes and suddenly became a highly suspect caretaker for their brilliant, talented, perfect grandchildren. Luckily I have also followed the path of many a child: for several years of my childhood, my parents seemed to get dumber and dumber, and yet sometime after I passed into adulthood they seemed to get much much smarter again -- phew!

BTW, since we're talking about safety, can I bring up Last Child in the Woods again? I couldn't get through the whole thing, but the "broken arm generation" phrase stuck with me. I worry much much less about minor injuries, remembering the stitches, fractured arms, and sprained ankles that were part of my personal "School of Hard Knocks."


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Or your kid could cut her hair with a pair of nail clippers - not nail scissors - nail clippers like my almost 4 yo did. Of course, nail clippers are slow work so she only managed to mangle one portion of her head before I caught her. They are resourceful little buggers.

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Oh my goodness, I am going through this just now. My daughter just gave herself a reverse mohawk. I was going to go and get it cut into a pixie (but I think it is too short for that), so, I pulled the sides up and pony tailed it right on top and it almost hides it... at least until it grows out another inch or 2.

I read through all of the replies looking for some support. Thank you all for posting your dilemmas. I called my mother and she literally laughed out loud at my dismay and told me about her twin cutting her hair very short.

To the mean grandmother lady. I am not sure what you mean by supervision. I literally walked to the other side of the room (not even left the room)and was writing a check to pay a bill. I had been with her at the table and she was cutting pictures out and pasting them on the paper. She was using safety scissors and never left the table. I am extremely dissapointed with myself for letting this happen and was looking for some support. I would like to thank you for helping me to feel better about myself. Your extreme reaction was soooo over the top, that I realized that I was being too hard on myself and my daughter. Thank you for being such a fanatic that you make the rest of us realize that we are wonderful and normal. Have a great day and thanks again.

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He's 9, he definitely knew better. Hair grows, and if he gets crap from his schoolmates, he won't do it again.

Lynn Siprelle, Editor

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It's summer, shave the rest of it off.

Well, not THAT harsh. But I do keep my boys' hair cut short. In fact, I give them the same haircut I give my husband. About 11 years ago, I invested $25 for a set of Wahl clippers with a set of guards. I use the #4 on the top, #2 on the sides and back. I've saved hundreds I'm sure by cutting their hair myself. I never comb their hair and it's easy to shampoo real quick. And I like easy. All my kids had curls when they were younger. The girls grew out and now just has a bit of body to it. The boys had some curls, too. But I've kept it so short for years not sure if they still do or not. But short hair in the summer is probably alot cooler than a bunch of hair for boys. They sweat so much and stuff...

Lynn's picture


(it's not.)

Seriously, though, take a step back. In all of your parenting life, there had to be a time when you misplaced something like a scissors or a knife. There HAD to be a time when you left something dangerous near a child, or turned your back, or were something other than the perfect parent. Because you're a human being, and humans are not perfect.

My mom, who by her own account and my experience "hovered" over us as children, nevertheless could not stop my little sister (age 3) one night from cutting off almost all her hair with Mom's sewing shears--which were *theoretically* not where Jennifer could have reached them. ha! Nothing stops a motivated child, not heights, not nothing. They are devious and sneaky.

Just about every family has a story like this. Just about all of us freak out. Just about all of us eventually sigh and say, "Well, it grows back." Which is another way of saying, "Thank god she didn't hurt herself, now where can I hide those scissors THIS time."

We cannot wrap our children in cotton wool and store them in a lockbox until they're grown. We can only be as vigilant as humans can be.

Cut your daughter and these posters some slack. Cut yourself some, too; I hear the faint echoes of a parenting slip of your own in there.

Lynn Siprelle, Editor

JJ's picture

You got it right, they need adult *supervision*.

In the words of Inigo Montoya: "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

Supervision doesn't mean hovering. It doesn't mean that you child shouldn't ever be allowed to mess up or do something dumb (cutting one's hair is just dumb, not criminal.)

Ultimately, kids must be allowed to make errors. The key is to allow them to make errors that won't ruin them in the process.

As for the falling on scissors: it could happen. I once looked at the morbidity statistics, and the largest cause of death for kids was the grand old automobile, far and away a HUGE killer. Next came water. Scissors weren't anywhere on the top 25.

Stop panicking. Relax. Enjoy the kids and their goofy haircuts. Get mad, but remember that it isn't the end of the world.

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I don't even know where you're coming up with this stuff, and you obviously never took the time to read the rest of this site to understand what this community is about. You're preaching to the choir, and if you keep preaching in this vein I'm going to have to assume you're a troll.

Lynn Siprelle, Editor

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where were you??? and why weren't the nail clippers LOCKED UP!! WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

Lynn Siprelle, Editor

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Okay I am a stay at home mom and my daughter just cut her hair tonight and it is bad, BUT I am very thankful she did not hurt herself and that something worse didnt happen. In saying this I think you are being way to judgemental children espesially children around this age usually get into something and you cant watch every move they make all of the time. I happen to think I am a very good mother and a very intintive one as well but my daughter did get Child Safety sissors and cut her hair. Does this mean I need to take a parenting class NO!!! I am sure that you cannot say your child has never done anything to harm themselves, maybe you left something laying in the floor they could have tripped over and fell and broke their arm, does this mean you are not a responsible parent?

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:O I went online to see if others have gone through this same incident that just happened to me last night...I just came home from work, started putting away laundry and in a matter of 5 minutes I noticed I could not hear my precious 4 year old daughter playing, so I decided to look for her and when I find her she looked up at me with that "I did something wrong look" and before she could mumble a sound, I saw that all her bangs were gone!! I mean to the scalp gone!! I quickly shouted and my husband came to see what was going on, I exploded...I was upset because she cut off her beautiful hair, more than that she was playing with scissors that she climbed up a chair to grab from the top shelf of the bathroom!! I drilled it into her that she is never, ever to touch scissors again!! I feel your pain...I immediately went to Walmart to get hats and headbands, until her hair grows back!! [quote=Sweetpiv]Oh Hannah just did this last week. I was using the bathroom. It took maybe three minutes. Then I went into the kitchen and wiped the counters down before bed. I notice than it's very quiet. All the girls are in Sarah's room. I hear though the door (evesdropping, a Mother's best friend) "Hannah you GOT to tell Mom". I call out that it's bedtime and everyone should come into the bathroom for teeth brushing. Out file the girls with Hannah dragging behind. Sarah catches my eye and says "Take a deep breath, Mom". LOL Hannah's head is hanging so low I'm surprised she hasn't tipped over. I really start to worry that something horrible has happened.

Then she looks up.

OMG To The Scalp. Big fat tears are running down her cheeks and I just gather her up and say "Oh Hannah it's going to be ok." She's just so upset and everyone's first reaction is " Oh My God Hannah what happened to your hair?" Listen people it's just hair.... it will grow. And she had a very good logical explanation. See she has this Barbie doll that when you crank the arm, the hair grows. And she cut her bangs and cranked her arm, just like Barbie. And when she looked up at me wanting an answer to why her hair didn't grow, I was the best Mom evah. I didn't laugh one bit.... until later when she'd left the room.

I suppose I could never use the bathroom, clean the kitchen, do laundry, read a book, watch TV and linger around all three of my children, splitting myself in thirds and really be "The Best Mom Evah" but I'd rather let my daughter cut her hair, *gasp* unsupervised and let her imagination run wild, and just be a regular real mom.

Marlin: I promised I'd never let anything happen to him.
Dory: Hmm. That's a funny thing to promise.
Marlin: What?
Dory: Well you can't never let anything happen to him. Then nothing would ever happen to him. Not much fun for little Harpo.

So yeah Hannah cut her hair. What a grand adventure she must have had doing it.
I'm your mother, not your maid!!!![/quote]

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I found this thread because I needed to comiserate with someone else about the fact that my 3 1/2 year old just gave herself a mullet at preschool today. I went through all the emotions - shock, anger (why weren't they watching her, why didn't they STOP her!?), fear (what on earth does it look like), and finally acceptance - it's just hair right? It will grow out. I need to contemplate the deeper meaning of this. Or...she did have a lot of split ends... the one post that got me ROFLMAO was the other woman who's daughter gave herself a mullet...ready for a monster truck rally indeed!

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I have read all of your comments on her about your own experiences with your children cutting their own hair,well today my daughter only 5 years old cut a huge chunk out of her bangs left the sides long now it looked like someone took a set of clippers and buzzed in the middle of her hair in the front.i couldnt help but be mad and believe me she knows now that when i say not to do something i mean it.I had to shave some of the bad haircut and make new bangs needless to say it dont look bad but it dont look good either.she cant even do a brush over so that tells you something.if anyone can tell me how long it takes for hair to grow back i would like to hear it.I given her vitamin e to help i know it helps me so im praying it will help her someone please help me i dont know what to do ....this aint the first time she has done this

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I hope it's grown out by now! Maybe she wants to be a hairdresser when she grows up :-p

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Hair grows about 6" a year.

That means that it probably hasn't grown out yet, but madmommy has probably gotten used to seeing the kidlet this way.

I recommend telling the kid the following:

"If you insist on cutting your hair again, we will shave your head so you will have no more hair to cut."

And then following through with it.

It works. I know this because: It turns out that our youngest daughter looks GREAT with a pixie cut. Matches her face and her style ;-)

She hasn't attacked anything with scissors since.

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Okay so this is going to sound stupid and funny,but I never cut my hair until I was 10.My friend ,12, was spending the night and we were really hyper and couldn't get to sleep (might of had something to do with the whole case of mountian dew we drank right before bed) any way we had been wanting to get our hair cut for a while. So anyways she kept nagging me about cutting my hair. So I cut a sideswept bang (came out great no one even noticed) well she decided to grab a section of her hair and cut it was out looking.Then she screams at me to fix it. Now of course it is well past midnight and hours ago my mom told us to go to sleep so we can't turn the lights on cuz we can still hear my mom's tv.So I fix it the best i can.The next day no one noticed.So around noon we decided to fess up.But what I find funny is that the whole day every one was saying that I have the hairdressers gift, whatever that is.LOL :D

Then about a year later we got together again.This time we put our hair in ponytails and cut it. It came out really good.That reminds me that was just about a year ago looks like its time to cut our hair again LOL LOL:D

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I can totally identify with the original poster. My daughter is 17 now but when she was 6 she decided that she'd do something about the fact that I'd been saying for several days that I needed to take her to the hair salon to trim her bob.

Right before she started 1st grade she took her kindergarten scissors and cut a huge chunk on her left temple as close to the scalp as you can get with scissors. I think she realized she made a huge mistake because she ran up to me and said, "Mommy, mommy! I cut my hair." Then she just looked at me as I reacted. I asked her why she cut it and she told me that she was just trying to help so I didn't spend money at the "hair store".

I couldn't stay mad! I just hugged her and told her that next time she should ask me if it's okay to do something like that because now we have to go anyway to "hair store" anyway.

She ended up getting a super short pixie cut to match the section that she cut, even then there was still a noticeably buzzed-looking section and even though I tried to dress her in pink as much as possible people still called her a little boy. She would get sad and learned her lesson for a long time...

That is until a few months ago when she decided she wanted a faux-hawk right before a big concert she'd been looking forward to for months and just a month before her senior year of high school. I tried to talk her out of it but no-go.

She went to the hair salon with my sister (big mistake to go without me) and the stylist buzzed the sides of her hair!

My daughter cried so much and I had to bite my tongue to keep from saying, "I told you so!"

After nearly a month and a half of wearing a hat EVERY TIME she went out, her hair was finally long enough to try a pixie cut. We went to an expensive salon just to be safe and he evened out her hair. Now, she still feels a bit sad that her hair is so short but it looks a lot better.

I know I'll look back on this with fond memories just like her 1st grade self styling experience. It's all part of growing up, just go with the flow and make even the mistakes into moments you'll cherish when they're grown.

Good luck!


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I am so relieved to have found this blog! We have four adorable boys and then we finally had our sweet little girl...the youngest 3 are 3, 5, & 6. Well, my story is this, while doing coloring time while momma cleaned up after lunch on yet another snow day, I heard an eerie sudden silence, walked into the dining room, Karah quickly turns around and sweetly says "look at my hair mommie"...her 6 year old brother had chopped off her hair on each side to BEHIND her ears at just above shoulder length! Karah has hair that she can sit on, it is so long and she gets constant comments on all her hair, always has...big bubby Caleb cut over 13 inches in length of on each side with his safety scissors! I am sick over this, but grateful she was not cut or that it is not shorter. I can just get it up into a very small ponytail on top while leaving the very back long, but boy is it ever "thin" now. I am just sadden by the lose of all that hair! I sure hope this grows out as fast as her overall length has grown! Thank you to all who have posted, I feel so much better that I am not alone in this, and I am sure by next week at this time I will laugh more than cry! ;)

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;) :jawdrop: When me an my daughter woke up this morning, i had to use the bathroom. She didnt so i just went in. I had used the bathroom and proceded to brush my teeth. I figured that my daughter was playing with the dog like she does every morning. Well when i was done brushing my teeth i had opened the door. Than about 30 seconds later she wondered in and said "mommy, i cut my hair!!" Well she was so right she cut her bangs, she said that they were to long (which she just got cut not to long ago to keep them from going in her eyes). She also cut the side so short that i cant even pull it up in a hair tie. But i counldnt really get mad cause kids make mistakes. Thats a part of growing up. And it took her four long years to get it almost to the middle of her back. But she still looks cute and i still love her so much. I am upset, but it always could of been worse and their kids thats what kids do. Some people are very set on looks and i would rather have fun with her than worry about not getting dirty!!! (i really hope that it doesnt take for ever for her hair to grow back tho cause she does look beautiful without a self syle of her own even though she though what she did was georgus, but they all are regardless of the choppy cut). Thank-you all for telling me your stories doesnt make me feel alone in this and i think it is a part of growing up, an it will always grow back nothing worth getting into to much trouble over cause after all if you were next to them that would of never happened. They are kids and they do what kids do best.And you cant be there every second of their life, no one can i dont care what they say. There so precious and in the end its a joyfull laugh that everyone gets a kick out of. It is so cute tho how they think that they did such a awesome job and in rality it looks aweful and you just wanna cry. They are so cute and thats my pride and joy and there aint nothing that she can do that would ever make me stop loving her. And thats fixable as well so just remember mommy's "IT ALWAYS COULD SUCK WORSE!!!"

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:jawdrop: I went yesterday to pick up my two year old son and 4 year old daughter from the babysitters, When I walked in the room my daughter ran behind the couch so I couldn't see her and then slowly lifted her head. Two Weeks before my mother-in-laws wedding in which she is supposed to be a flower girl she has managed to cut her hair to the point that we had to shave it off to make it even! Yes I am aware that it will grow back and I am very thankful that she didn't hurt herself but I am so mad and disapointed right now that I can't talk to her about it! I'm a photographer who will be taking pictures at this wedding and I will be thinking the whole time she had such beautiful hair that took 4 years to grow out and now she looks terrible!!!Yes I want her to feel really bad about this and if it makes me a bad parent then I guess I am but I want her to feel bad enough that she will never do this again!!!Apprently that worried gmother person is having issues with her daughter or daughter-in-law, babies momma what ever but honestly shut the h@#l up my daughter was with her gmother so this can happen anywhere!!!!! I am not mad at anyone but my daughter she new what she was doing was a bad idea she told me so, but she did it anyway!! If anyone has any ideas how I can hide this or cover it up with big head bands I would be so thankful!!!!!!

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My daughter Mia was snipping her hair just before dinner, I thought it was just gonna be a little fun. But after dinner, she went into the bathroom and cut a bald spot just in the middle of her head! She was crying for such a long time and telling me she wasn't going to school tomorrow. I was feeling really bad for her so I tried a few different hair styles until we decided to comb her hair to the side to cover her bald patch so it don't show and we put a lot of hair gel.

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Great all your stories are great, however what do you do or how do you react when your a single father whose daughter lives with her mother and everything in your heart has told youth get a lawyer and get your little girl away from the unsafe developmental environment that she is creating. Then one day my daughter has a issue with my rules and boundaries so she elects to not come visit me any more and then 1 week later you get a text with a pic of her once beautiful head of hair totally butchered. Shved on on side with stars and stripes carved into it. Oh but wait when I call to find out who and why any one would do this to my baby (15yrs) I find its her own mother whom has done this. In her words "Its what she wanted" OMG WTF !!! and on and on please give me insight I am lost apparently. :O :jawdrop:

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i just chopped off my hair wanting a new cut and couldn't wait for a friend, its a little longer then my shoulders. Being 17 i should have waited or just gone to a hair salon but being impatient and not wanting to ask my mom. i looked it up on youtube and cut it.

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Well today, my poor sister called my Mum to say that my eldest niece (5) had cut both her and her sister (4)'s hair - well we were all giggling away at the though of it in our house!

The my sister appears with the girls and... OMG.... their hair is shredded!! There are tufts instead of fringes and HUGE chunks taken from most of their hair - all this happened in a manner of minutes!

Luckily we have an Aunt who is an Ex Hairdresser and is trying to salvage their hair at the moment.

I know my sister and brother-in-law are furious at the moment, but (to probably earn myself a slap here!), in my opinion they are kids and still learning, thank God they didn't accidentally get stabbed in the eye, or cut their skin, what they did was very naughty but cosmetic, their hair will grow back. Worse things happen to kids - I am glad to have happy and healthy kids when I see many people who have sick kids who would be thankful that a haircut could be the worst of their worries.

Needless to say my nieces won't be getting any treat this weekend but I can't wait to hear the father of the bride speech at their weddings! lol

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:O My daughter just turned 3 years old a few days ago. We just had our hair done for her party. So I'm on vacation this week and my daughter was being suspiciously quiet. I thought she was in her room I kept calling to her, finally I find her naked in the bathroom! She says long she had hair all over her clothes. And there in the sink is 3 huge chunks of hair! She has 2 practically half patches in the front. Her length is intact but I'm trying to comkb over the front. Needless to say my next step was googling other peoples kids mistakes, and it does make me feel better. It is only hair.

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I think haircutting, getting into make-up (if parents or somebody else in the house wears it), and sleeping with gum and waking up with it in your hair is part of every child's experience. I'm a twin, and we ended up splitting these experiences among us. She got into the make-up and got gum in her mouth (She tried to get me to get it out before going to our parents. Typical. lol) and I experimented with scissors. Three times. The first time, I'd heard the story of Rapunzel, and was pretending I was the witch, and I cut the hair of one of my sister's My Little Ponies. (I still feel bad about that, even though she probably forgives me by now.)
The second time, our big sister was babysitting us, and I got ahold of my mom's big scissors. I'd tried to cut my hair before, but the child scissors at school wouldn't cut it. (Either that, or nobody--including myself--didn't notice the small chunks that I did take off.) Anyway, I was delighted that I was cutting my own hair--I was a grown-up now, because I knew how to cut! But my big sister was quite angry with me when she caught me cutting off chunks of my own hair with scissors. I remember her telling me not to push my hair back, because I "look like Grandpa." Anyway, my mom got home and found out what I'd done, and when she asked me why, I said, "Because it was sticking out."

Somehow, I missed the "Don't do that again" message, and would sometimes cut off pieces of my hair during art projects and things, but my hair is/was/probably always will be so thick that nobody noticed, save for the time that someone tattled on me and showed the teacher the hair that I'd cut off, or the time that a teacher found hair in my desk. (They really should have told my parents, but at the time, I was relieved that they didn't.) Well, another time that big sis was watching us (My mom once said that she was the only babysitter she had to fire.) I had a pair of craft scissors, and I was walking around the apartment complex cutting my hair. My mom didn't notice until one morning when she was brushing it and it was very uneven. The cut I got to fix it was decent enough, and I even got a cute perm that year (we'd planned this before I decided to go wild with scissors) but my mother was very clear about the fact that I was not supposed to cut my own hair.

Now, five years later, my twin decided to cut my bangs (she'd been cutting her own.) Again, big sis was watching us over the weekend while our mother was on a business trip. (I just now noticed a trend. I think I'll bring it up to my mom next time I talk to her, or while I visit during the holiday.) Anyway, the cut in question was one of those "Oh it's not even, let me fix it. Oh, still not even. Hang on a second--oops!" By the time big sis discovered what we were up to, I think I only had like a half-inch of bangs. I just wore headbands and brushed them back until they grew out. If I recall, they looked pretty nice by the start of sixth grade.

So, hair-cutting horrors happen in everybody's lives. Just remember, hair grows, and these days, it's more acceptable for girls to have short hair.

Oh, BTW, not related to any of my self-inflicted cuts, but to a boy-cut I thought I wanted when I was in elementary school--when my twin and I were meeting our fifth grade teachers (we were in separate classrooms--it's healthy for siblings to have their own class environments.) my twin's teacher asked if I was her brother. This might've been awesome if I wanted to be a boy, but I still very much wanted to be a girl, dispite my haircut, so I was pretty embarrassed. Never again with the boy cut for me, thank you. I prefer an angled bob when it's short.

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