Allergies and air conditioning

My DS7 is having a terrible time with allergies and we were wondering if getting air conditioning would help. Does anyone have experience with this? We would like to do it if it would help him, but don't want to spend the $ if it's useless.


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Since I purchased an air conditioner three weeks ago I've had a cough. It's a violent cough that causes me to vomit. I am wondering if I'm allergic to some fumes it may be giving off. I have to go into another room that is not being conditioned for relief. The doctor say there is nothing wrong with me but I cannot explain the coughing. She even did a chest X-ray and checked for a bronchial infection. Nothing! Some people are allergic to everything and I'm not a person who has allergies. Is it possible for a person to have an allergic reaction to a room air conditioner?

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Hi there, I know you guys have had this written up a while
ago but every time I was at work it felt like I had a fever.
I thought it was because I knew I didn't want to be at work?
I went to the doctors with a fever and itchy ear, soar throat,
feeling like crap, very tired, doc was so cocky that he was convinced that I was coming down with the flu. I woke up the next day and I was fine! Moral to the story is that if you have allergies and if you sit under an air conditioner vent or if you are in air con environment you are going to have problems.
Even my partner had the same problem.
Hope that solves the problem.

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Hi. My son has asthma and seasonal allergies. We purchased an air purifier. Within a couple days he was much improved!

Recently, I lent my unit to a friend who has asthma. After having the unit out of his room for a couple days... he started wheezing again and needing to use his inhaler.

So, I know that this unit is making a huge difference to him.

Here's what we got.

Hope you find something that helps!

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My whole family has allergies. The allergy doctor recommends using the a/c in the house and car. And we no longer hang clothes on the line to dry especially sheets. This seems to have helped quite a bit.

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There are several different kids of nasties that will happily live in air conditioners and can make us cough or otherwise sick, including those that cause Legionnaires’ disease, though that is an extreme example.

I'm not aware of any "fumes" given off by an air conditioners though.


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I had allergies along with my son. We now own a air purifer. It works wonders. You might want to check with your doctor though, each case is different. I do know after speaking to a professional doctor about air purifers he said, to never buy a purifer with filters. He recommended Alpine Air purifers. No filters. I purchased 1 and wow, what a difference. I have many friends that purchase these and retail them for a very good price.

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Interesting to see this thread pulled up!

We did get the AC late last summer - we will see if it works this spring and summer!


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Think about what you are cleaning with also. I try to use only basic supplies like bleach, vinegar, ammonia, baking soda, etc. The Home Comforts book has good cleaning recipes and information on what is OK to mix and what is not. Plus it's cheaper which might help in a small way toward your ac expense (rationalizing here :). Although I suppose some ac units would filter the indoor air and outdoor air, so that might help. I just have first-hand experience with indoor pollution. Early in my marriage I used lysol and my hubby sneezed half the day. Ever since it's been homemade cleaners here. One other source of indoor air pollution might be the very materials your home is built out of. I wouldn't know how to help you there. Good luck with that. ~Tiffany

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Our family as a whole has never really been prone to allergies, so we don't have a lot of experience with this. (I've acquired more as I've gotten older). I've watched my best friend's family battle asthma, cat dander, and all that good stuff, so that's usually the closest I've come.

I can tell you this, however. Years ago I was living with my Gma and did not have a/c (after already being used to having it). One week (about this time of year), my eyes were terribly itchy and red and gooey. There was pinkeye going around the elementary schools at that time, so I assumed that's what it was and went to see the doctor. He, however, diagnosed it as being an allergy--he said the grass pollenates this time of year and that's what it was.

It happened again the next year, but then the following year I had a/c in my bedroom. Sleeping with the windows closed seemed to be all I needed to keep it at bay.

Logic tells me that no matter which part of your body is affected by pollens and that sort of thing, if the a/c filters it out, then it's worth it. Maybe you can borrow a window unit from someone to try in his room first, before investing in central air--although now that we have central air--believe me, your whole family will love it!

That's my limited experience and two cents.
Good luck, and let us know how he is doing!

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I know they make super-fine a/c filters that help filter out allergens. You can also get an air purifier unit to do the same thing in his room, I suppose.

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He has allergies and they never open their windows,,,only have the AC on. He says it is a huge difference.

I myself like the air on only if it is very humid or over 86 degrees or so. I like the windows open,,,,but I don't have allergies to the things that fly. I am bothered by pines trees and sitting in the grass.

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My mom uses that exact air purifier, shakleemom. I gather you sell them. She is a shaklee member too, but it was still expensive. However, it does sort of help to keep my cat allergies at bay (still get very stuffy and sneeze), which is nice since I hate to take medicine just to visit my mom.

What I was wondering was whether it is true that the purifiers give off ozone. My hubby told me this and if it is true I don't think I would ever buy one. ~Tiffany

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My son's allergies are very seasonal in nature, except for cats! So I think the a/c should really help, we noticed a big improvement last fall already. He also started taking Singulair as a preventive med, just in spring/summer/fall when we needed it - it was like a miracle had occurred! I would highly recommend this medicine (with doc's approval of course) - it helped 100X more than anything else had tried. One chewable tablet in the evening, no side effects. Maybe an air purifier would help too though, thanks for all the advice everyone.

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My hubby made it sound dangerous to have a purifier giving off ozone in a home. Now I feel a little smarter and safer. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question. I didn't want to say anything to my mom until I was sure. Actually I think DH got his "earth-shattering" info off the home shopping network, therefore it's no wonder it was sensationalist. Thanks for setting me straight. ~Tiffany

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I have an allergy to air condition; first, it dries the air very much so you may just react to the dry air. Then, very soon it absorbs dust and mold starts to grow there, this can be a cause of allergy.

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Did you ever figure out the problem? My kid seems to be having the same issue.

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I was wondering if you found out any more info about allergies and air conditioning. My son has a lot of allergies. I do notice that his nose runs a lot after sitting in the car and being in the house with the air conditioner on. I need to buy an new central air conditioner for our house and I was wondering if the type of refrigerant used may be the problem. There is Freon-22 (with chlorine) and the new stuff Puron that doesn't have chlorine in it. I'm not sure if Chlorine is the reason why or not. Any body have any ideas?

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1st I'm not a shaklee member. I want to answer your question on, " is it true that the purifers give off ozone?" First let me start by saying, Every time the sun comes up, every time the lightning strikes across the sky, it cleans the air outside. Which is Ozone. Lots of people think of Ozone as a bad concept but in reality Ozone is good if its a controlled to clean the pollution in the air. Outdoor air is said to be the poorest but really its indoors. We do not leave all of our windows and doors open all the time to clean out the air. We close everything up. So Indoor Air is by far the worst. Some Air purifers have Ozone and you are the one in control of it. I know I own a Air Purifer with Ozone. Its one of the best investments I have made. Did you also know that if you have a health related problem such as allergies, asthma and so on.... You can actually claim the purifer on your insurance at no cost to you. So just to let you know Ozone is not a bad thing.

Yours truly,
(A new member of TNH)

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I have experience with allergies and air cleaners. We purchased a HEPA room cleaner and it collected alot dust but didnt do a whole lot for the air. A friend mine is a heating guy and he told me that a room cleaner will pull some of the dust from the room, but the dust will average out through the home over time. A room cleaner will never keep up with the dust in the home. You would have to spend a fortune for a room air cleaners and spend your entire day cleaning them all.

I then purchased 3 Ionic Breezes. The air smelled clean. My same heating contractor friend told me that a IONIC air cleaner produces Ozone which gives you that fresh rain smell. Ozone is also a lung irritant. That is why when there is ozone alerts, those with respiratory problems are told to stay inside.

He finally recommended that I put a HEPA/air exchanger that cleans the the air in the whole house. He put in a Broan HEPA/air exchanger and we could smell the fresh air right away. The outside air and inside air is filtered through the HEPA filter. The temperature is changed in the core of the unit so the humidity in the home is maintained at the optimum level so that mites and mold doesnt grow and it is comfortable for humans.

It works great. After a few days, our allergy symptoms began to go away. No more cleaners or pills.

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Yes, Ozone is a lung irritant. It also can kill molds/fungus, destroy odors, bacteria, and neutralize some allergens. For many people this can trigger asthma attacks, chronic coughs, bronchitis, etc. These can be instant reactions, or like me can take months to develop (when I am in places with ozone for 3-4 weeks I develop chronic bronchitis). However in other people the same levels can be completely harmless.

But keep in mind that at some point for every person levels of ozone can become highly toxic (I would not recommend putting several ionic breeze units in your bedroom for example). Getting an ozone generator and putting it in a closed room with no air circulation is never a good idea.

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Did you ever receive any info/response to your e-mail about the Freon or Puron from your a/c making you ill?

I have smelt an odor coming from ours since last May. A/C company has sanitized it for us. Taken out the old lining from the intake, replaced the coil and then relined the intake over the past year and nothing seems to relieve the odor for me. I was diagnosed with pneumonia in Oct. which took most 4 mos. to shake. I have the same starting symptoms. I am desperately looking for what is the problem; and hoping you could share what you have discovered. Thanks.

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The last 2 days of June 2012 I started feeling nauses then it was like a canonball hit my stomach, was diagnosed with viral pnemonia, yet I "ONLY" get sick when in the house with the A/C on, even the fan on my throat hurts more and my nose gets too stuffy.

When the A/C and Fan is off my sinuses open up, however others in the house can't happily enjoy the windows open after a rain because they MUST pay for air to more around the house, and they love using toxic cleaning products with windows shut too!

Pneumonia actually is nothing but chemical irritants causing an inflammation of the lungs, fortunately I have a terrible time breathing in the house.

It all started when the A/C stopped working and only the blowstuff was coming strongly out of the vents, Direct Energy has had 4 technicians come to repair the A/C, and I just found out we do have Puron, but now they're saying someone can come by and check the furnace air and see if anythings okay, why wouldn't you guys always do that?

Whatever the case breathing with the stuff moving around irritates my lungs, so I spend most of my time under the tree and in the sun.

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I have the same problem!

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I have been very sick from Freon poisoning! I get extreme headaches, my ears feel like they will explode, my throat is sore, vision blurred and major mental confusion! I've been to specialist at Johns Hopkins and they don't know what to do! I react within 10 minutes of being in any air condition. I also become extremely fatigued. and it takes at least a week to start getting better . It is especially the duel heat/cool systems that make me sick. I've been researching and am finding others who are allergic as well. If you have any advise please share it!

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