Brothers from Bataan

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This is a book recommended to our family by a former POW about the POW camp my grandfather and he were both in: Las Pinas, in the Phillipines. It contains a roster of prisoners at Las Pinas and my grandfather's name is listed. Though at the time, the Air Force didn't exist, he was in the Army Air Forces.

For those who are curious, the USAF evovled through five different incarnations before it became the United States Air Force:

1907 - Aeronautical Section of the Signal Corps.
1914 - Aviation Section (Signal Corps).
1918 - United States Army Air Service
1926 - United States Army Air Corps
1941 - United States Army Air Forces
1947 - United States Air Force

Grandfather Meredith enlisted in the US Army Air Corps and eventually discharged from the US Air Force.