The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands

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Discuss. :)

One of my email discussion groups is atwitter about just the TITLE and it hasn't even been published yet!

Lynn Siprelle, Editor

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Cute Title! But I think the concepts are sound...

I'd have to withhold my review, obviously, until I read the book (which may be never), but I gather from the editorial review she's talking about things I have actually been practicing lately and found truly helpful in my marriage. I guess it could also be called "giving unselfishly." I only know about one man, obviously, and I don't know if it applies to all men. I'm also fortunate to have a pretty good guy, who doesn't take advantage or manipulate; doesn't complain about my cooking or housekeeping; admits and apologizes when he's wrong; but can be inattentive at times (at those times I'm apt to call it neglectful!).

The simple fact is, if I give him what he needs (and that may be different for every man) he is far more attentive and open to me. Hot meals aren't so important to him; he's happy with a bowl of cold cereal. But affection is very important to him. There may be times when I want to withdraw that affection because I feel my needs aren't being met. But as the song goes..."Love is not a thing that we can simply make; it just might help to give when the instinct is to take." Nothing so earth-shaking about that concept!