Changing Hormones

I've noticed that ever since I hit my 30's my hormones have changed. When I'm PMSing I am more angry,frusterated, and irritable. When my time of the month does come I tend to be WAY MORE emotional than I ever remember being before. Lets just say I've cried 5 times in the last 2 days and fought crying at least a dozen times. I feel hopeless. I know in a couple of days I'll feel fine and things will be back to normal, at least for a couple of weeks.
I guess my questions are:
Did anyone else go through anything similar?
More or Less emotional or physical syptoms at a certain age?
Is there an herb and/or vitamin that might help what I'm going through?
I really need to figure something out not only for myself but for my family.
Any information anyone may have will be greatly appreciated!

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Gosh. At least you guys have PMS to blame. I'm like this all the time. I remember the first major breakdown over nothing came when I arrived at work to find new paper bins (the kind you hang on the wall to put files in) had been installed...for the full time employees. I was a major employee who worked a minimum of 40 hrs but I was technically "part time". If I had gone out and bought one, I could have put it up but when I was told I wasn't going to be supplied one because I wasn't full time, I broke out in tears. Not sniffling, I was BAWLING. Over a PAPER I would probably never use. I cried for at least 20mins, uncontrollably.

This happens at least once a week now. And, I cry in between too. I cry at TV shows, Hallmark commercials, movies, any time I get frustrated, when I get happy...I went to see the Dalai Lama and I cried uncontrollably for an entire 2hr seminar. I should have been grinning ear to ear, but apparently when my happiness reaches critical mass, it collapses on itself and I cry instead.

I'm 26. This started when I was 23. My Dr. and I had hoped birth control hormones would even me out - no change at all. Still a weeper.

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Hormonal kook having a good chuckle here :grin: . And it's no laughing matter when you're smack dab in the middle of a hormone crisis is it?

I'm no expert on dealing with this unfair affliction, but I'm pretty well accomplished in feeling sorry for myself. I've done hormone shifts on certain specific occasions(like pregnancy) and the usual monthly upheaval. I now get to enjoy the peri-menopausal ordeal, leading up to the big one. The fun never ends.

I'll be very interested in hearing what works for others, as I'm willing to try almost anything.

Here's what has helped me. I take a magnesium(sp?) supplement daily, which I swear helps. I also take a B vitamin supplement, but not as regular as I should. I take a good multi vitamin daily.

Watching your cycle and adjusting your diet will help. If you know your trouble times cut back on salt, sugar, refined carbs, coffee. Increase your water, furits and vegies and whole grains.

Exercise *does* make a difference, though I suspect you do alot of tearing around with all those kids. Time out for yourself might be helpful to recharge your energies.

You've got alot going on right now with your upcoming may be hard to focus on this stuff until after you're settled again.

Anyway....I guess I should practise my own advice(especially with that coffee) instead of whining every month :wink: .

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I have had this happen, too, but for me it seems that with every child the PMS gets worse. Last summer found me crying in the middle of the library because the librarian didn't have time to process my kids' summer reading program stuff and we were going to have to come back another day :) It's not that bad every month, but you are definitely not alone.

I like a supplement called L-Theanine. It's derived from the plant green tea is made from, but, of course, no caffeine. It seems to help calm and even things out. Very safe since people in Asian countries drink a lot of this stuff with no ill effects. Also, a good thing to take for emotional well being and a whole bunch of other things is fish oil capsules containing Omega fatty acids--particularly Omega 3.

I will be interested to see what anyone else has to suggest, too.


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I have used this myself and it does help with PMS. I too [talked on other thread] have had problems with migraines and raging hormones.

First I would say get a good check up from your DR. That way you can rule out anything BUT also it gives them a starting point of where you are now. This is to help them in the future too. [have you had any changes,,stuff like that.]

I agree, exercise...I know ,,,when you feel like crap you would just like to hide but it is suppose to help cramps and that out of your skin tension.

I try to take it all in stride and realize ,,,this too shall pass!!

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I'm pretty sure I'm perimenopausal; my formerly you-could-set-the-clock-by-them periods have started getting erratic, and I'm having weird mood swings that cannot be otherwise accounted for. I second the magnesium suggestion. I'm also taking vitex, a traditional herb for regulating hormones, and it seems to help.

Lynn Siprelle, Editor

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Lauralyn, it isn't the that the PMS gets worse with every child, it's more that the more kids you have the less likely you are to be able to stand the noise and hassle when you're PMS'y anyway!!! :) I never used to have any problems with PMS at all until after my second child, and the main symptoms are the irritability. My only solution is to keep away from the kids as much as possible!

for cramps though my SIL says that the EPO has helped quite a lot, and she notices when she forgets to take it.

it seems to me that PMS magnifies whatever you're prone to anyway, since I'm definitely the irritable, bad-tempered type, and that's what goes out of control for a few days. I don't get the weepy side, but then I've never been a weepy kind of person. Not so sure about the physical side-effects.

Roll on early menopause I reckon!


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I have a lot of the same issues that ya'll are having. I'm over 30yr and it has seem to get worse. I do not have any kids so I really don't think that matters much. I still have stress like everyone else, just in different areas.
I cry especially around menstrual cycle. I cried for 2 days one time. If you are an emotional person anyway plus the PMS it is really hard. I'm going to try some of your suggestions on herbal supplements.

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I'm not sure if i'm pregnant or its just hormonal changes. My breast are big and i'm irritated all the time.

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too many kids? Ok, I don't really think I have too many, but you make a good point. I get weepy and irritable. In fact, sometimes I cry because I feel so bad that I'm being so cranky to everyone :) It's really not that bad at our house most months--just every once in a while I have an extra bad month.

No early menopause for me just yet because I want to have one more baby, but then it can come as early as possible. I'll admit that I could live without the PMS, the bleeding, the cramping and the need for birth control.


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Seriously. If this is bothering you, see a natural health practitioner of some kind.

Lynn Siprelle, Editor

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I am so glad to read these posts for I too have been crying more consistently and frequently. I am unsure if it's related to my PMS. I've been diagnosed by my doctor to have PMDD which does my make my period's nuts. However, it happens when I'm not on PMS'ing. I was put on Yaz, the birth control to have even and calm the symptoms but I gained 45 lbs. (I should have known better when I was on Depo-Provera, I gained 55 lbs) More info-I have my period every 22 days, not 28. 1st week I'm great, 2nd week PMS, 3rd week Period and then it starts all over again and my whole life has been this way.

Anyway, I googled 'crying hormones' to figure what the heck is going on with me. I'm 34 years old. I've never held back tears in my life but what's going on now seems to be a bit over the top. I cry in mass when singing, tear up when I have good memories, cry thinking while I'm driving, cry buckets watching movies, tv...etc. I knew I had definitely had a problem when I teared up watching the tv show, Models of the Runway (Project Runway spin-off) when one of the models was kicked off. I mean...gimme a break! I don't even like models!! (just kidding :) ) I have to do something. I've been taking only a pre-natal vitamin just because it's an all around great vitamin. I'm not pregnant nor am I sexually active, just in case you thinking I missed something.

I'm a little frustrated crying 4 times a day. Thanks for listening!

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...but that definitely sounds hormonal. I'm in menopause and I can cry at the drop of a hat. I mean, puddles, at anything. I see babies at the cafe, I'm in tears. Crazy, man.

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Well ladies im 40 and have been going through the blues now for around 2 years, i have alot going on with my kids but thats only a part of why i feel like this i think.
the other is hormonal weather it be pre meonopausal im not sure, or a thyroid problem not sure, all i no ive come from a vibrant cheerful person with self confidence to dye for to a blubbering fool for sum reason!!! and all i can do is cry and laugh with fustration sometimes that is lol I just no that somethings got to give, dont get me wrong im not about to do anything silly or nothing just lots of cying makes you tired, and im going through the makeup ladies lol
Anyway if anyone is going through the same stuff please let me no k
cheers :grin:

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I am crying as write this: on day3 of my period - I get this once in a while - the trigger was a mouldy pot of rice that I found on the kitchen counter after returning home from work - that just blew it for me - angry at hubby for leaving it there for me to clean after a tired day at work - weeping today as I type - stayed home - I hate these tears because am heated up and feel strong emotions that could either make or break my relationships -

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