Scuff marks on white shoes

From TNH Reader Anna Daley:

I have a pair of white dress shoes, and the first time I wore them, they became "scuffed-up". I've tried white shoe polish, but it didn't help. How can I get rid of these scuff marks? Thanks.



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I need a way to get the scuffs on my new Heelys. I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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From: Kara Spof
Try a little toothpaste. Put it on a washcloth and gently rub the stains. I resurrected many a little girl's shoes with this trick!

From: mom2tab
I have tried the toothpaste thing and it has never worked for me, but I actually found this site by serarching for scuff mark relief for my shoes and I found a site that gives all sorts of uses for ordinary household items. It mentioned using Cutex nail polish remover and I just found out that nail polish remover works wonders!

From: cleaning, sigh!
If all else fails, try a quick streak of White-Out from a newly purchased bottle. If White out should stain black skirt/pants/jacket, (if all else fails) then try a black sharpie magic marker (to black-out the white-out) (smiles)

From: Ladybug J.
Use a damp washcloth and either Comet or Ajax. This always works!

From: sakara33
 I have always used acetone,just don't used to much and it always has done really well.....just use a cotton ball put some of the acetone on it and take the scuff off the shoe....then put just a little baby oil or vaseline on the spot and rub it in....this keeps the material from drying out......hope that helps...

From: chickpea331
Goo Gone will get it out. It also works great on black purses for white scuff marks

From: tjmh2000
Non-acetone nail polish remover on a cotton swab works like a charm - I use it all the time on light leathers.

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Try Mr. Clean Magic Eraser! It works wonders on scuff marks on white anything! I never cease to be amazed. I've used it on white shoes and leather purse to get rid of scuff marks and it makes them vanish with no effort!

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wooooow i just was in urgent need of a scuff solution to brand nw white leather pumps and the nail polish remover and vaseline did wonders ..couldnt be more grateful!!!

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rubbing alcohol on a washcloth works amazing! just have to scrub a little hard.
rubbing with vaseline, then wiping it off first seems to work better.

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The Mr.Clean Eraser does work great but you have to scrub pretty hard. Still it works better than anything I have tried.

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100% acetone works like a charm. had white heels with brown scuffs took them off effortlessly! Thanks!

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4 years later, and I had the same problem with a beautiful white vinyl boot (Nine West). I tried the acetone because toothpaste didn't work, and then I read your suggestion. Worked perfectly.

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WOW!! Thank you. It works. With 3 girls we halve lots of nail polish remover. Ready to throw away a new pair of shoes worn 3 times.

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Thank you - just used Goo Gone on my daughter's pink boots. Worked like a charm!

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So i just googled this now cause my dad got married today and had rented white tuxes and wjite matchin shoes for my brother and himself my brother is twelve and walks all iver himseld so he had horri le black scuff i tried non acetone it didnt do much but take dirt off the sjoes i didnr have reg acetone si my dad took a papermate eraser and erased the marks and wiped them with a napkin that had left over non acetone nail polish remover on it and it worked beautifully. :)

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I just used scrubbing alchol on my brand new 75 dolla ouma shows and it works GREAT!!! please try trust me

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i need to clean white satin shoes as they have scuff marks but dont want to ruin them

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Try Fast Orange with pumice. It's a hand cleaner that mechanics use to clean grease and grime off their hands. It's safe on leather because it was made for cleaning skin :) Works like a charm!

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Will all these things work on converse's??? the top rubber part not the actual material.

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Nail polish works really well on converse... just put some on a wash cloth or paper towel and rub... it's that easy... :grin:

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I used some hand sanitizer and a tissue.... I think the alcohol in it helped.

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i need help getting a scuff mark off my brand new nike basketball shoes!!!! please help me thanks

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I tried using nail polish remover... all it did was ruin the finish on the shoes. Scuffs are still completely there.

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:) the nail polish remover worked wonderfull for me i had some circas and they had a scuff in the front them because i was playing soccer in a gym and i kicked the floor instead of the ball and i scuffedd them. the nail polish remover worked perfectly and the scuff was fairly big and it worked i applyed the nail polish remover on a damp clothe and started rubbing the area It Works Perfect!! :)

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OMG, I could not be more thankful. I found this page while googling the opposite problem: white mark on a black shoe that I could not get to come off. I have a job interview tomorrow morning and was about to give up. After reading this page, I ran to the kitchen to get my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (I think I may actually have the store brand copy, but whatever), and after literally 3 or 4 seconds of light scrubbing, it was completely gone, and the shoe looks brand new again. Thank you, thank you! That little white sponge-thing is kind of miraculous, and I love finding new uses for it. :)

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I just scuffed my brand new white wedding shoes trying to work them in around the house and the nail polosh remover idea just saved my soes, thank you soo much whoever came up with that one. :grin:

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I just spent half a morning scrubbing with all of these suggestions, without making so much as an improvement in the scuff mark. Any other suggestions?

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I tried the cleanser and it didn't work, but, then I tried Cameo cleanser for "stainless steel" and the scuffs wiped clean with just a little rubbing.

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make a ball out of a slice of bread, with the doughball rub a small bit of the stain and the mark should come off without the shine being ruined.

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I was so worried I would ruin my brand new patent white heels. But nail polish remover works SO WELL!! :)

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How can i get rid of scuff marks on grey glossy shoes? :? I need some ideas that wont ruin my shoes.

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My shoes are not patent & not leather (pleather, I suppose), and I've tried EVERYTHING suggested here, but all the toothpaste did was smear the black smudge around, the baking soda did nothing, and the nail polish remover ate holes in my shoe!! :O The Magic Eraser took all the small smudges off, but didn't even TOUCH the big nasty one.

My last hope is taking it to a shoe repair store. That's what I should've done in the first place. Not everything is DIY. Sigh.

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I'm pretty surprised nobodies mentioned protective shoe finishes when they can permanently refinish/repair scuff marks/scratches on shoes and even PREVENT SHOES FROM GETTING SCUFFED IN THE FIRST PLACE. Good example: SKUFF for shoes.

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:) The rubbing alcohol did the trick on white glossy finish. I was scared that it would destroy the shoe but with little rubbing, it took the scuff mark right off!

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