From House to Home 10/10/07

This week's tips:
Cozy up your new home

  • Have a dinner party, invite friends who don't know one another and serve wine in new attractive stemware and buy some new colorful dessert dishes that don't match your regular china, but complement it.
  • If you never use a dining room, turn your new one into a quasi-library by placing a smaller table that can expand at one end, adding bookshelves, comfortable seating, stereo equipment, a soft patterned rug underfoot and good lighting.
  • Put in an underground sprinkler system that will water your grass and flowers better, save you time and labor and ease your back strain.
  • Start a hobby you can work on in your new home--a shop in the garage, an orchid or herb garden, pastrymaking, needlepoint, bridge.
  • If you have a fireplace in an apartment or home that either doesn't work or doesn't have a flu, why not convert it into an electronic hearth? Another trick: fit a framed mirror in the opening of a non-working fireplace. It makes the room look larger.

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