Dew worms

Does anyone know a way to get rid of dew worms? They are so bad in my lawn that it's hard to walk on, and mow...any suggestions would be most appreciated.



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I too have dew worms and this will be my year to see if I can get rid of them. I did find this article. Also I was told that a frequent and extensive aeration would help.

Dew Worms create small mounds in your lawn, making it uneven. Some dew worms are beneficial as they prevent the ground from compacting. If you are overrun with them, apply carbolic at the recommended rate (mixing it with water), using a watering can to prevent chemical drift. Water your lawn and surrounding area thoroughly for 1-2 hours in the early evening, then apply the chemical. Remember to read the directions first before you apply the carbolic soap. Remove any dead worms seen, as they are poisonous to birds. Repeat this treatment several times at 2 week intervals and have your neighbors treat their lawns as well to lessen the chance of recurrence. This is only a temporary solution; the best method is to live with them and use gypsum to break down clumps and mounds left by dew worms.

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