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Psst! Be sure to read all the way to the end so you don't miss the free bonuses--more than 500 craft ideas that come with this ebook!

Do you love making unique gifts and keepsakes with your hands? Do you wish you had more time so that you could do more crafting and maybe make money doing it? If so, this could be the most wonderful message you've ever read! Why?

Because I Can Teach You How to Succeed Selling Your Own Crafts!

It's a huge step when you decide to take a hobby to the next level and start trying to make money off of it. It's a little scary, but it can be so very rewarding. The key to making your crafting business a success is being prepared and armed with information. You have to know what you're doing before you start.

That's why I'm offering you this wonderful ebook, "Craft Fair Goldmine," to help you along the way! This is more than just a guidebook, it's a training manual designed especially for you--the beginning craft business owner.

Starting your own business gives you huge advantages in life. Consider:
  • You make your own schedule--work any time you want to
  • Work out of the comfort of your own home
  • Spend a few weekends away from home and count your money
  • Make your own decisions instead of having someone make them for you
  • Do something you love to do and gain the satisfaction of being your own boss

And those are just a few reasons why you should take the time to not only read this book, but also put its valuable suggestions to work in your life right now.

If you're a crafter who's thinking about taking this step, I know who you are! You've been crafting for years, or maybe you just got bitten by the crafty bug not long ago. :) Your friends and relatives are thrilled when they receive a gift you've made yourself. Your co-workers ask if you can make them one of your custom crafts for a gift. They even offer to pay you for it! Everyone comments about how unique and well-made your creations are. Someone, at some time, has said "You should sell these."

Then you begin to think, "Maybe I should sell these!" But without a steady paycheck, you're more than scared. And maybe you even take a stab at it and don't do that well because you really weren't sure what you were doing. It's all right! You don't have to be scared, and you don't have to wonder how to succeed--not when you order "Craft Fair Goldmine." This book will hold your hand through the whole process.

What's in this book? More than you can imagine! Check out some of our chapters:

  • Saving on Supplies
  • Marketing Your Story
  • Finding the Best Shows
  • How Much Inventory to Keep
  • Setting Up Your Space

These are just a few of the topics we cover...and there's so much more inside the pages of this amazing book! We've taken all the best advice from crafters who have made a success out of their home business and put it all in this book. "Craft Fair Goldmine" contains some of the best advice around to help you put your fears aside and become the success you know you can be!

There are many others out there doing what you want to do! Don't stand on the outside wishing you were one of them. You can join them!

When we say we've researched and talked to people who have been there and done that when it comes to crafting, we mean it. Consider what Deanna from Illinois has to say about her crafting business:

Everyone always told me I made the best crafts. They would compliment me every time they say something I made. We really needed my paycheck, though, so I didn't feel like I could actually make a living by doing this.

Boy, was I wrong. I read this book, found my first craft fair, and made a $2,000 profit--that's after expenses! Since then, I only work one show a month and make more than I did when I had an office job!

--Deanna from Illinois

Deanna found success with her crafts, so can you! Now, we're not advocating running out tomorrow and quitting your job. What we are telling you to do is take a moment and consider the possibility that you could become self-sufficient just by crafting! Wouldn't that be amazing?

Learn What You Need To Know--With This Incredible EBook!

Crafting as a business really is within reach. It doesn't have to be an unreachable dream. With our help, you can do it. What all do you need to know? We've covered everything, including:

  • Organizing your records
  • Pricing your work
  • Staying safe at your shows
  • Making every show your best show
  • Tax and accounting tips
  • And so much more!

The author of this ebook has been there and done that and made a success of her crafts business, and now she's ready to pass her tried-and-true methods on to you:

"When my mother and I decided to start selling our crafts at the most popular fairs we could find, we were a little apprehensive. We didn't have a book like this to guide us along. We had a great idea for unique, easy-to-tie scarves and decided to join our post-Thanksgiving craft show held the two days after Turkey Day!

"We figured, well, the big stores make a profit, maybe we can too! We were surprised beyond our beliefs! We spent $400 for the fabric to make the scarves, and four days sewing the scarves. When the show was over and we counted our money, and were completely shocked to find we had over $6,000 in our cash box.

"First, we freaked out that we had so much money and didn't really notice it. We were so very busy both days, we didn't pay that much attention to making bank drops and such. We sneaked to the car very carefully and drove like heck to get home and figure out our profit.

$6,000     Cash Box
$  400     Expenses
$   40     Constructing Product:  4 hrs. @ $10/hr
$   50     Booth Space
$5,510     Net Profit

That's nearly $3,000 a piece for two day's work! WOW! We were happy--wouldn't you be??

Well, Wouldn't You Be?

Of course you would! My author has made a great living selling her crafts for a tidy profit for years. That's why I wanted her to write this ebook--from an expert's point of view! She did it and so can you!

You can find all sorts of advice and information about how to make money selling your crafts. In fact, there are all sorts of how-to guides out there that claim they will make you a professional with just a little know-how. We're not like those other people.

What We Tell You Actually Works!

"Craft Fair Goldmine" will take what you already know and expand it into thinking of yourself as more than just a crafter. The difference between this book and all the others: You'll be a business after reading this book. That's right, a real bona fide business.

Here's a BRAND-NEW testimonial from TNH reader CB Potts:

This is hands down the best niche-specific business book I've read in a long time. In very readable, understandable language, A Craft Fair Goldmine spells out the basics of how to succeed in the competitive craft fair environment. Common sense suggestions are side by side with some surprisingly sophisticated recommendations.

A Craft Fair Goldmine is encouraging without being unrealistic: the cold, hard facts that crafting for a living is indeed work and does carry expenses are right up front, not hidden away as they are in so many similar guides. I particularly liked the list of resources for online sales and marketing strategies presented in the book: they speak to the acumen of the author, who obviously knows her way around building a business.

Thanks, CB! (Scroll down the page to read everything CB has to say about this great book.)

Don't miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime. I wondered how I could offer this book to people who wanted to make crafting their living at a price they could afford. I decided that $7.95 was a fair price to offer all of this information to you today.

Maybe you think that's too much money. That's all right, I respect that. But go back and re-read this, and realize just what I'm offering here. You won't be able to find such a complete guide to starting your own crafting business anywhere else.

I Guarantee It!

That's right! I'm so confident that our ebook will help you get well on the way to crafting success as a business, I'm willing to stand behind it 100 percent.

If After Using What You Learn From This Book, If You Don't Learn How To Successfully Become A Craft Fair Professional, I'll Personally Buy My Book Back From You & You Get A 100%, No-Hassle Refund!

('And you can even keep the book for free as a thank you for trying it out!')

How Many Places Guarantee Their Product? Not Many!

But I will! And you should too! If you had an unhappy customer, you'd do what you could to make sure they turned around and became happy again. That's the secret of a successful business. That's what I am offering you today.

For just $7.95 you can share in what all the other crafting businesses know. The difference is that I am offering this to you in a easy to read guide that addresses your fears, your questions, and your problems.

When you order now, you'll receive this book within minutes, and it'll be ALL YOURS! You can refer to it anytime you have a question about your business. Read it at 3 a.m. or at 3 p.m. It won't matter, it's all yours.

Best of all, I guarantee you will be happy! $7.95 is a small price to pay to live your dream. Order now and get the answers you need and that you want.

A Guarantee Isn't Enough--I'm Giving You Some Free Bonuses Too!

If you've got some craft ideas but need a little kick start, I've included THREE FREE IDEA GUIDES for you!


Take these absolutely charming patterns and update them with your creativity!


So many different recipes for glosses, including cocoa butter, aloe vera,and hemp oil glosses, and recipes for flavored glosses like peppermint, chocolate and lemon! The basic recipes are just asking for you to customize them and make them yours.

...and the big bonus:


  • Cold-poured soaps
  • Bath bombs, "cookies" and salts
  • Bubble baths
  • Fragrances
  • Shampoos
  • Lotions

--They're all here, fully explained, and waiting for you to put your creative twists on them!

Use these for yourself, use them to make products to sell, use them to give yourself ideas for your own special crafts!

So, what do you think? A complete and proven guide to setting up your own crafts business, and three bonus books full of ideas you can use to kick start your business--for one low price! It's a small investment in your big dream, and I urge you to take that step towards a rewarding and independent life.

Happy Crafting!


P.S. Remember, there's a 100 percent money-back guarantee on this book. You'll have a full 90 days. If we don't deliver on what we say we will, you'll get all of your money back--no questions asked.

It's easy, it's foolproof, and it's right here for you! Don't wait, order now!

Photograph by reconstructionist on flickr

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