A Stroke

It occurred in early December. I was at the dinner table; I complained of a splitting head, then had to get down on the floor, or fall to it. John was online, looking up what might be wrong with me, when I called for the bowl. I threw up, violently. The call went to 9-1-1.

Long story short: I had a stroke.

I don't remember any of it, not the inciting event described, none of it. I was in the hospital for 38 days, rehab for six weeks; I was supposed to be there five to six months, but I ain't havin none of that. Wink I was out.

It's been five-plus months since it happened. I am not fully recovered--yet! The doctors tell me to be strong, and to be optimistic; I will make a full recovery, though it may take a year. We took me off a third of my medication for my heart condition--that's how optimistic we are. Smile And I'm responding well. Actually, I'm off many medications I'm usually on, to no ill effect.

Wish me well. I don't know what it will mean for this website, but I'm going to keep maintaining it.

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Anne Pistilli's picture

Dear Lynn,
long ago, this was my first step into the big bad internet. I loved this site, and have turned off the Facebook experience and returning to my roots. The ones that made me smile, but didn't chain me to the puter. I am sad to hear of your past health, (YIKES a stroke) but rejoice that you are recoverying with the fierce determination I remember about you!
I think I was Roon63 way back in the olden days, but now stay with Anne.

Lynn's picture

Anne, thank you SO much for returning, however diminished you may find things. I am recovering. It's slow, slower than I thought possible, but far, far faster than the doctors ever expected of me. I need to write an update. We're back in our house! Smile

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