13th Birthday Ideas

My DS will become a teenager in July. I would like to mark the occasion somehow, do something special... Does anyone have any ideas?

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Haha, DD and DS r weird. stop using it. i laugh evry time i read it.

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I'm a guy and I'm going to turn 13 in February the 17 but I have no idea how to celebrate it if ou have any ideas please reply.
desperate Levolaze X_X

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im turning 13 in about a month (may 3), and am sooo excited!!! since my bday is on a saturday, i think that i can have it on may 3, the actual date which would b realli kewl. im thinking about a pool party (indoor, its may :) ) or mabe going shoppin idk

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My grandma is giving me the cash for my party, i have a good budget $300-700.
I'm thinking of having a stretch Hunner or Escalade limo come and pick my friends and i up from school. And then take us to Northcross Lanes for bowling, laser tag, and the arcade.
Then calling the limo to come and pick us back up and staying at a hotel [maybe] for a big sleepover.

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I like the idea of doing things in 13s for the 13th birthday. It would add a fun twist to the party. It would actually add a fun twist to any age birthday party. My family does something like that for 50th birthdays. We make sure that that the person gets 50 presents to open. It sounds like a lot but we will take things like a sleeve of golf balls and wrap each individually or a pack of socks and wrap them separately. Along with real gifts, of course. And we get the entire family to help. It ends up being a lot of fun!!

Also - a pool party/bbq is always a great idea for a 13th birthday party. The kids do not get to see each other as often in the summer months and it's a fun way for everyone to get together and celebrate.

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i \m turning 13 soon and
a)i don't know what i want and
b)i dont know what sort of party to have..
my 15 year old sister is 16 a few days before i am 13 and she sugested haveing a joint party and i was wondering if tht was a gd idea.
plz help

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Does anyone else think 'DD' and 'DS' is weird? I do. I think you parents are just trying to sound cool. It means Dear Daughter and Dear Son. or Ditz Devil, Ditz Saint as we call it here. Now I'm not judging you, but you just sound stupid.

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im turning 13 in august and i dont know what to do for a party! Im a girl and i dont enjoy things lik sleepovers help!!!!!!!!!!

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I am facing the same dilemma. I do not know what to do for a 13th which is next month!

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I think a good bday gift for a 13 year old is letting him or her drive ur car around an empty parking lot:) get an early feel for it.

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Parental & kid help needed on this one PLEASE. I have Triplets (boy/boy/girl) who will be turning 13 on Friday, February 13th. Great kids, great group of friends, how do I make this special for them? Live in cold climate area, there is no school that day or the following Monday. Suggestions please.

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Okay. My 13th is coming up in like a week and I need some quick answers. Every year I have a slumber party.. But this year I wanna invite boys. My parents wont have a problem with that. But I want the girls to sleep over. I am not allowed to rent a hotel or a limo and I really want something they will remember.
I need quick answers so please help me. I would really appreciate it. - Carlee
Get To Me Today: C_J_Rox@hotmail.com

Thanks muchly :)

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What about getting dressed up and going to a fun dinner! Some place that you wouldn't normally go to. It will you feel very grown up. You could also have a makeover party. Get a bunch of fun make up, have everyone bring their different hair tools and accessories and then start the makeovers! Everyone gets glam and then go on a fun outing!


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What about going to a beads store where you can make your own jewelry! That would be a great party idea and everyone would get to make something fun and new! You can also pick between earrings, bracelets, or necklaces. It's creative and perfect for girls.


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I was talking to a friend who was remarking that at her brothers 13th birthday they did everything in 13's. There was 13 kids, the party was on the 13th, etc. They also watched Friday the 13th movies, but I don't approve of that kind of thing for ADULTS! let alone kids. But that's one of those things that depends on the parent.
I don't know if DS means that your child is a girl or boy, but when I turned 13 my mom had a friend of hers (who was a makeup artist) out to teach me and a few friends how to put on makeup. That was cool. Kinda a getting to be a grown up type thing.
Anyway, good luck, and congratulations.

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My mom gave us our "real" jewelry at age 13 (like a right of passage, once a teen, we were allowed to wear real gems and gold, not the dipped stuff). My piece from her was a golden ring with my birthstone and tiny diamonds around it. It was very small and simple (not like the icky "bling" stuff you see now). My aunts had also given my mother things to give me the day I was born, and I was allowed to have them (the thin gold chain bracelet, a nice necklace, some earrings). We didn't get a big party or celebration til 16. 13 was a quiet occasion in our home, but very respected. I enjoyed it immensely.

16, my mom rented a dance hall and invited every crush I'd ever had (hee hee! And I got to dance with them all!!) and many of my good girl friends. I suppose a limo would have been a fun addition (but I'd done it for weddings of family already, so it wasn't new), but I don't really see a point in renting a hotel room for a party. I personally would much rather have the party in my home, and use the money I'd have spent on the room to hire someone to clean up!!! It's usually cheaper, and I feel much more at ease in my home.

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My daughter's 13th is this week. Daddy is picking her up in a limo and dressing up to the hilt. Its a date with Daddy, flowers, dinner out. Kind of extravagent but we wanted the oldest of 6 to have a riproaring 13th bday!

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It's almost my 13th birthday, and I have no idea what to do! I want something really awesome that all my friends will remember, but im not aloud to have a party. I have a low budget and I need some ideas ASAP!! Please help!
Please email me with ideas.

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When DS turned 13 last summer, I e-mailed friends, family, and heroes of his and asked them to contribute to a birthday book. I found the idea in Family Fun Magazine, I think it was last April or May issue, and they suggested giving several prompts to help those who can't think of anything to say. Some of the prompts I think I remember were: What are the 5 most important qualities a man(woman) can have, what do you wish someone had told you when you turned thirteen, what is your motto, favorite quotes or song lyrics, rules for living, and so on. The response was good, but I did have to bug people, and even then some were late. I printed the pages on nice paper and had it bound into a book with a picture collage cover. I came out really well, and I think he really liked it. Just a thought.

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I would ask him what he'd like to do for his 13th birthday. . . party, no party, spend it with friends, family, just the two of you, etc.

Sometimes my kids prefer a family outing/overnight stay, etc. to a party. A night in a motel with a pool is a wonderful treat for kids who never get to do that. Even if it isn't too far from home. Room service, etc. Once we gave our kids the money we would spend on the birthday and took them to shops where they enjoyed going. They loved it.

My mother was big on special occasions marked with something special. One of the first "growing up" things we got was a nice watch. . . usually for 8th grade graduation. A thing she did for the boys in the family was very nice key rings with their initials engraved, or a nice small pocket knife and have his initials engraved on it . . . signaling his maturing enough to treat it as a tool and not a toy.

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A good friend of mine once had a party in a hotel.
They invited 3 people (me included) to go to Hilton Hotels.
We first went round theirs for a bit, and then went shopping (this could also be for sweets, balloons, dvds etc) and then went to the hotel.
Us kids stayed in one room while the parent/s stayed in a room right next to ours (there was a door inbetween the rooms)
We swapped presents, ate, drank, gossiped, watched movies and then eventually went to sleep. We woke up, had breakfast and went to the tennis courts/swimming pool etc.This was great fun

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When my daughter and my good friend's daughter both turned 13, we organized a very fancy dinner party for them at home. The girls and their friends dressed up; we lit candles; we acted as the 'servants' and served a very fine dinner: chicken Kiev, potatoes, salad, and then a 'birthday bombe' cake. The girls *loved* the special attention - and the party wasn't expensive!

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Thanks for your ideas :)

Jo - did you post about this last year? When I was starting this thread I remembered someone posting about something like that and Lenora (I think) said she might do it for her DD this year.... Lenora? You out there? :) I think it is a lovely idea but I am not sure if our friends and family would throw themselves into something like this. All a bit too English and restrained I think! :(

Mindy, your friend's idea sounds fun. By the way, DS = Dear or Darling Son, DD = Dear or Darling Daughter,etc. DH is husband, DW is wife etc. Hope that helps :)

Fern, I like the keyring/knife idea. I got him his first keyring, along with a set of keys to our home, when he started at Secondary School (age 11) as that was when he started having to go back and forth to school by himself. He was thrilled with them and felt very grown up. I know he'd love a decent knife, he has one but it isn't good quality and it has attachments that don't work properly.

Every year we do *something* for his birthday. I am trying to think of something different instead of, or in addition to, what we usually do......

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Hi, my name is Kathryn, I'm 12 but on the 17th of September I will be a teenager ! Woop Woop !!
But my BIG problem is I don't know what to do for it !
I have been set a low budget of £200, I can't go to the Unders because friends aren't aloud to go, and I can't have a house party because my house is getting completely redecorated.
If anybody has ideas for a fun, girly-girl who loves to party please help !
KMS xx

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The real jewelry idea sounds really cool, and that 16th birthday sounded fun!

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Also for more bday ideas u may want to check out the Entertaining Recipe Widget on CreamCheese.com. It lets u select an event and they give u recipes to serve at the event. Such as bday parties.

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my birthday is on a monday! i have school! normally i would just have my party the weekend before or the weekend after but the weekend before i my frnds birthday and the weekend aftr i am on vacation!!!! what shou i do !! i need to know by tomorrow!!!!! CRAZY! i no! lol well i really hope u can give me ideas ,cause i have absolutly no idea what to do !!plaese write back! i need advice!sooon!

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Pretty elaborate! I'd ditch the hotel and save the money for later, though, kiddo. You won't regret it.

Lynn Siprelle, Editor

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Hey, I think that's an excellent idea. Of course, I already mentioned before that my now 10 year old does know how to drive the pickups (automatic AND stick!), and the front-end loader. Soon she will be driving around a tractor. Ahh, they grow up so fast! So it's not really a big deal for her. But for kids that aren't in the country, it would be a real treat! And certainly alot cheaper than some of the above suggestions. Such a materialistic world we live in!

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My daughter's 13th bday is in Jan. I was also thinking of renting a limo and getting a nice room for her and some friends. I am hoping to get a local band to play too but we will see about that one!

What did you end up doing for your bday if it's alreayd happened? Did you get the hotel room or pass on that?

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Wow! That is fancy schmancy! I had 3 girls come over for a slumber party where we dipped many oreos in milk, had homemade pizza, and I got a Whitesnake tape, a Wrinkles stuffed animal, and my horseshoe ring with real diamonds (that I still where today).

I'm still 3 years away from this (well, 2 1/2). I'm thinking maybe we can get DDnow10 a pickup for her to fix up with her daddy. That seems like a good thing for out here, like a 70's or early 80's model. She'll probably be driving it back and forth to school anyway when she is 14 or 15. She drove the front end loader all weekend out in the field with daddy last week helping him haul hay, and sometimes I'll let her drive my pickup (while I'm sitting right next to her) when we pull off the highway down the 3 miles of dirt roads to the house.

So there. We don't have any limos or bands or hotels out here in the country. We buy trucks for 13 year olds. LOL!!

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ok so scince it is on friday the 13th, you should make it a dance party with the theme "13" or you can make it kinda creepy and have everyone dress up like bad luck charms or something.

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Lolz mine to your kinda like me I'm not really into sleep overs but I think you should try out something new like going to an Arcade shopping Movies the Beach Water Park Paintball shooting or even skating those things are fun! :D

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:? What does DS and DD mean???

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Dear Son and Dear Daughter.

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Well I think that you could do this one kid has his party in one room the other in the other for example living room, camp out , rooms , garage. or you could have a party in your living room and you play spin the bottle , scavenger hunt or take the girls to the movie and the boys stay at home and have a party and then you have a sleepover the girls in one room and the boys in another or you could have a cooking party for the girl or have a snow party and make snowmen and play with snowballs hope it helped.

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I'm sorry you're having trouble with your birthday. :grin: you should watch a hello kitty movie, that's the best. ;D

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not a good idea i tried it once FAIL!!

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Heyy! My birthday is in March, and I am turning 13! I am so happy, and i am having my party on the 13th! I am having a sleppover with 12 of my top girls, it is going to be so awesome, but I dont know what to do because one of my friends is really not the same style as everyone else and she is invited! She is so cool, and that is why i invited her! but i dont know ( Once again) she doesnt like the same music as us, so we will not be dancing if she comes! But i am fine with that! But I dont know what else to do... i have 4 games so far to play,
doing each others makeup, BLINDFOLDED! and then take pictures! I have done that before and it rocked!
And my other game is dress up, only in a dark room! so you have no idea what you are doing! and then pick out a hat a catagory (ect: Most put together, or most wakky!) and the winner gets a prize.
Another one is on a papper write WINNER! and cut it small, than roll it up, and put it in a balloon!, do the same with other papers, but dont write WINNER! on them. everyone takes a balloon, and if you have the winner, you get a prize!
And the other is murdur.
I need 1 more game!
Thanks alot! Terry Lynnie! :)

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You shouldn't tailor YOUR party to fit around the "cool" girl you invited. I say DANCE. Sometimes a person you know from school can be totally different out of school, and you may discover that she likes some of the same music too. No reason for the rest of you NOT to dance around, and if she wants to join in, great.

We have a kareoke machine and some of the High School Musical cds for it. My girls (nearly 12 and 10) enjoy singing to those, and Camp Rock, and anything Taylor Swift (though my daughters can play guitar and they usually pick those up and sing to her songs).

Have fun at your party!


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hey girls

i think anyone who is fun will love this idea!
you and your bffs get all dressed up (funny or not) and go and eat
something not good for you, tasty and something your perants would
say no to!!!!(tell them it's your b-day so they cant repli)

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I think that all those ideas are cool and they really helped me figure out what to do!
I have a pool in my back yard, but i ALWAYS have a pool party and i kindof wanted something different. Im turnin 13 too, so i think im gonna watch 13 going on 30 in my basement and when the girls get here they can watch the movie and do makeovers. We might play like mafia or some murder game in the dark. Everyone likes mafia! Well, i guess i hope this helped! :)

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Every time this thread is resurrected, and it has happened several times over the years it makes me smile as DS' 13th birthday has been receding fast. He will be 18 this summer! Don't have any ideas yet what to do for that either. Some things never change.I'm sure I will pull something out of the bag at the last minute, I usually do :)

Approach love and cooking with reckless abandon
- The Dalai Llama

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NNNNOOOOO!! He can't be 18 yet! Are you sure you did your math right? Positive?

Wow. They are really growing up too fast, aren't they?


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OK - So I did a search for a BOYS birthday and everything is for girls. Everything is about girls, girls, girls!!!! Ya know, you try to buy clothes, there is very little for guys - the selection of clothing for boys is minimal - girls on the other hand MANY things to choose from. Our society caters to girls - there needs to be more to accomodate boys.

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Girls just like to party more. LOL! Girls like primping, painting nails/makeovers, endless gab sessions, chick flicks (or the latest thing from Hannah Montana, etc), singing along to their favorite music, etc.

Ok, I did some brain racking and didn't come up with too much. HOWEVER: how about things like paintball? Or renting/seeing some action flick (Fast and Furious 4? Wolverine?). What does the boy in question LIKE to do, what are his interests? Maybe a day at a skate park or rollerblading/biking? Rockclimbing? Bowling? A day at the local rec center (the rec center here has a pooltable, air hockey, an indoor rockclimbing thing. I've never been there, just what I heard). How about a Guitar Hero/Rock Band competition at home? Or some other favorite video game. If you don't have a gaming system, I think you could probably rent one from a video store.

If it's more of a summer birthday, why not a swim party? Doesn't have to be coed (though boys at that age are thinking about girls and may want to invite a few). A pool party is a place where boys can still be boys jumping off a diving board and stuff, and girls can still be comfortable there if you wish to have them there (or not, just make it a boy party).

As for boy clothing, boys just don't need much to make them happy. Jeans and tshirts are good for just about any boy. However, girls preferences are so varied: the tomboy girl (that would be me), the dressy girl, the trendy girl, the grungy/rock girl, etc. My girls have SO much more clothes than my boys depending on their mood (and because we get handmedowns from 4 different older girls! LOL!). But the boys: jeans and tshirts. Same with shoes. Girls (my girls, anyway) have to have shoes for church dresses, dressy boots, tennis shoes (some for school, plus different ones for each sport they play, like volleyball, basketball, and cheerleading, which can only be worn with each sport as per the coaches), sandles/flipflops, and they have to have their workboots for around the farm and ranch, too. Boys: one pair of boots and a pair of tennis shoes. Maybe a pair of sandles for the pool. I make my girls wear dresses to church. Boys: jeans and a decent shirt (ie, NOT a tshirt).

Boys are just simpler than girls. LOL!

Hope this helps you out. Just ask your boy and see what HE wants!


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I think a great idea would be to set out a tarp in your yard or any other open spaces. Then, buy cheap pies that no one is allergic to and have a pie war! :) Make sure all the "kids" bring lounging clothes and when you are done hose them off! Great idea for a summer or spring party.

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My Birthday is in a couple of months and we are renting out a big auditorium and having a big dinner party and where all going to have really fancy dresses on !! its going to be a blast !! (:

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i am having my 13th b-day in a while... and i am wondering what to do..
some of the ideas here are okey.. but not me
i am not real girly so i am not going to do any thing.. you no weird
help me think
thank ya!

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A great idea 4 your party would be a dance party....thats what im doing

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i need to no wat to do for my 13th bday party...i dont want anything to girly cuz i wanna invite a few boys.i also dont hav a pool soo i cant do a pool party..my bday is on the 16th of january and it is a big party since i am gonna be 13...please help!!

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My birthday is next week and I need something exciting and fun for my 13th birthday! I want to have 10 ppl over (6 girls and 4 boys) and price doesn't matter. No sleepovers or dances and npthing that is overused or plain Jane.... Plz comment back and thanks sooo much for your help!

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:jawdrop: lol.. my Oldest son is turning 13 in November and lost what to due. If anyone has any ideas let me know.. I'll be looking here often. til nov. would like to make it special for him. i think i'll incorpriate the 13 number idea to 13 balloons 13 candles etc. But after that i am lost on what to due for a male who is turning 13.

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I have a very big problem. My daughter, Kate, is turning 13 on 12 January. She has never had a real "party" as we've never had the money for it. Looking through the comments here, it seems money is no problem for most. However, I feel that for her 13th we have to do something. I am disabled so cannot really get around. Any ideas = was thinking of maybe 5 friends - 3 girls and 2 boys.
I would be ever so grateful for any comments.
my email is robertpaterson13@hotmail.com.

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:) I just turned 13 today, but i dont know what to do, if i get a response fast, maybe ill be able to do that, thanks :grin:

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Hi! :)

Ok so, I'm turning 13 in October(I like to plan early!) and I have absoulutly no idea what to do! Also I am a girl and I'm kinda girly but I can hang with the guys to! I'm only going to invite girls. I don't think money is a problem, but I defently dont want to break my parent's bank! Since it's in the winter I cant have a pool party. I am inviting 10 girls. I dont want to do something that is kiddie either. I want my friends to really remember this! :) Please comment any ideas you have!

Thanks, Katie :grin:

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my 13th is in 13 days, and I was going to invite 22 people to the park and have a volleyball net set up, and a huge water balloon fight, but now im second thinking i wanna just do something with a couple friends, any ideas??? :)

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:) HELP! ok my b-day is may 13!!! on friday the 13!!! and im gonna be 13!!! lol i dont have any idea what to do plzz help!!!!

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i am 13 in spetember and i dont no what to do plz can i have suggestions
thanks pops leigh xx :) :grin: 8)

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HEY!!! basically my 13th birthday is in october and i was thinking of invinting 15-20 people and they all come to my house we get picked up in a limo and then we get droppd off to a rstaurant which we hire this hall at the back and decorate it with flashing lights, snaks and loud music and stuff.............but im not sure if its a good idea to invite booys!!! pleease give me your opinions thxx ;)

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I am thirteen in December on a Monday. I don't know what to do for it, it be outside, cause it's winter, and NOT GIRLY I am kinda a tomboy. But not to boyish cause my friends aren't really tomboys, any help? :) ;) :D :P

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:sick: :jawdrop: :sick: :jawdrop: Any game ideas 4 a 13th bday party no girls like spas so dont even try

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hey guys, so i'm turning 13 in december (i like to plan ahead) an dim brainstorming ideas! but i need help! i am havin 15-20 ppl boys and girls. and im super sporty but some of my friends arnt. HELP ME! i really want to have a big party that will be remembered. also, its in the winter so it will be cold. plz help me with ideas. thx!!!!! :)

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I am a girl and i am turning 13 (hey) but i have no idea how to celebrate it it will also have boys so think . we want games / dancing and i want it to be awsome how can i do it and where plz tell me i nead HELP!!!!! :? :grin: :) ;) :( :D }:) :P :O :? 8) :jawdrop: :sick:

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Hey im turning 13 in 4 days. i decided to have a sleep over party with 3 of my besties. they lyke to laugh and have a good time. we live on a farm and sleeping in a tent. i dont know what we could do could you help me make a list of amazing and fun things to do with them! it would be so much of a help. :D

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